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The California Museum

California is an amazing state where dreams become reality. The California Museum fosters this concept as new educational programs are created, exhibits are crafted and cultural events are opened to the public. We fulfill this mission by creating a unique learning space where visitors from around the globe can be inspired by this great state’s rich history and stories of its innovative people.
Address: Sacramento, CA, 95814    
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Website: The California Museum
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The California Museum for History, Women and the Arts is a new kind of museum. Saying goodbye to dusty wax figurines and stagnant exhibit barriers, this Museum thrives on interaction and discussion. As a museum, we are constantly evolving, changing, expanding, creating and daring visitors to make their own mark on history.
The California Museum is the only museum that provides insight into California’s legacy by uniquely showcasing the stories of inspirational people and events. These people include Sally Ride, Ronald Reagan, Rita Moreno and Jackie Robinson. These events include the birth of Hollywood, the discovery of gold, the earthquake of 1906 and the table grape boycott.
Exhibits. In the permanent exhibits, visitors can hop aboard a bus to hear immigrants tell their stories of coming to California, meet a ghost who recounts his family’s experience in California from the Gold Rush to the present, or step inside a theater to see how Hollywood has portrayed California.  But you’ll never see the same Museum twice: frequently-changing special exhibits highlight the people and places that make the Golden State unique.
Group Tours. The Museum focuses on all aspects of California's diverse society, thus encouraging each visitor to feel a deeper sense of belonging to the community and an appreciation for what could only be achieved in California. Student programs are designed with state curriculum standards in mind and engage your students’ curiosity about California and its people. We have several successful programs designed for youth groups of all ages. Adult groups get a fresh look at California's history, people, natural resources and unique contributions to the world.
There is no set tour time, and the amount of time visitors spend varies greatly. On average, a Museum visit takes at least an hour.
Learn with The California Museum. Discover the people, culture, art, and history of California at The California Museum! The Museum offers many interactive and unique programs that appeal to student and youth groups, families, and kids of all ages.
At The California Museum, we consider this an institution to be a living, breathing, cultural center that provides engaging and timely programs for the whole family. To complement and enhance our ever-changing exhibits, we have created a series of events and programs:
- Educators. We offer educational programs, tours and the many resources to enhance your classroom curriculum.
- Kids. Discover California by playing, navigating, making and downloading fun activities and games.
- Parents. Looking for a way to spend a day of fun with your family? The Museum frequently offers new and engaging interactive programs and activities.
You are welcome to take pictures in the Museum, but flash is not allowed. Free weekend parking is available right across the street from the Museum.

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Address and Phone Number
1020 O Street Sacramento, CA, 95814

Website: The California Museum  The California Museum creates a unique learning space where visitors from around the globe can be inspired by this great states rich history.


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