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LJB Investigations

As a Private Investigation Firm, we service corporations, law firms, municipalities and insurance companies. LJB Investigations has three divisions, designed and staffed to meet all of your requirements. All of our findings are documented and will be submitted to you in a professional, unbiased reporting style.
Address: Anaheim, CA, 92806    
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Website: LJB Investigations
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Our investigators possess a minimum of a bachelors degree from an accredited university with an emphasis in the field of criminal and civil law, and/or equivalent experience.
We have 25 years experience in the field of private investigations, with a law enforcement background.
Partial list of our services:
Computer Forensics to find out just who your son/daughter is chatting with online, protect your family members from online predators, and uncover hidden identities.
Pre-Employment Interviews to evaluate the candidate`s suitability for employment with your company or in your home.
Exaggerated/Fraudulent Claims to determine actual losses and damaged suffered by claimant by locating and interviewing witnesses, examining records and placing claimant under surveillance to determine social, recreational and employment activities.
Workers Comp. Claims to determine if an accident or injury is job-related and if claim is exaggerated.
Activity Checks of Claimants to determine employment status and recreational activities.
Records Searches to determine if the claimant is a "professional plaintiff".
Product Liability to determine if losses or injuries suffered by claimant/plaintiff are a result of product design, misuse of product, etc., by inspecting product involved, examining purchase/maintenance/repair records, interviewing witnesses, and determining circumstances surrounding incident.
Traffic Collision Reconstruction to determine responsible party and circumstances of collision.
Death Investigations to determine cause/contributing factors to death by interviewing witnesses, examining records, contacting/interviewing family members, previous employers, etc.
Process Service of State and Federal Subpoenas.
Background Investigations on potential business associates, employees or others, including research of public records in County, State and Federal Courts, to determine possible criminal/civil history, or the existence of current civil actions.

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Address and Phone Number
211 S. State College Suite 430 Anaheim, CA, 92806

Website: LJB Investigations  For all your private investigation needs


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