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We are a Family Childcare home that consists of Evangelina (My mom) and me, Angelica. This is where the name √GrandmaDaycare- came about and with the both of us working together we are able to use the skills we have learned, and take the knowledge we have to provide a place where children come to grow, learn and develop, from infants and toddlers to school-age kids.
Address: Costa Mesa, CA, 92627    
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Website: GrandmaDayCare
Phone Number

We are committed to providing a safe, clean, loving environment for you and your children

We are Child CPR Certified and Licensed by the State of California for 8 children.
Parents can rely on the fact that there is a ratio of 1 aide to 4 children. We pride ourselves in safety, security, cleanliness, teaching and loving care.
We think of our relationship with the families we serve as a very special trust; therefore we believe the best way to meet our families expectations is by working closely with them to provide a warm, nurturing environment.
Our Curriculum
Although we are not a preschool, we do offer a weekly curriculum so that children are challenged to learn. Each week, we feature and focus on one letter of the alphabet, one number, and one of fifteen manners. You can visit our site anytime to see a sample of our curriculum. 
Arts, Crafts, and Music
Our schedule includes one hour of arts and crafts each day. Arts and Crafts will normally pertain to the Curriculum Focus of the Week. For instance, we might color a picture of a "4" surrounded by four teddybears.
The children are enouraged to take part in our daily music session.These sessions are sometimes "sing along" and sometimes fun dance music. At times, the children make fun instruments in arts and crafts to play along with the music. 
Food Menu
Nutrition is important to your growing child, and therefore, important to us. A sample of our weekly menu is posted on the website to keep you informed about your child's nutrition. 
Monthly Curriculum
All children age 2 and up are highly encouraged to participate in daily arts and crafts.
Our arts and crafts are designed to be a "Hands-On" experience that your child
can complete by using his her imaginataion.
On months where a major Holiday occurs, we plan our arts and crafts to reflect that holiday.
Our desire is for a long relationship with the children and parents. For this to happen we focus on the child;s progress throughout the year and, if needed, hold conferences to discuss the child;s progress and development. 
Research proves what you already know┘your baby;s first years are critical to success in school, relationships, and life. We care for babies as young as six weeks old with genuine love and affection, and constant attention to developmental needs. Infants are cared for in a warm, loving, infant-only environment - similar to the one they have at home - where they can build trust in themselves and those who care for them. While in our care, your child will continue to receive intellectual and physical stimulation to foster development.
Toddlers (1-2 years)
As infants grow into toddlers, they are busy learning new things about themselves and the world around them. In addition to introducing your toddler to plenty of songs, books and art projects, We provide your child with daily activities that specifically focus on developing cognitive, physical, social, language and self-help skills.
The stories, songs, games and art projects prepare your child for preschool by developing his/her understanding of new concepts, language, vocabulary, and sensory motor skills.
3-5 years
We focus on having learning activities that focus on developing early-literacy and pre-writing skills for your 3-5. Depending on the maturity of the child.
This is the age where we begin to introduce the use of the computer. Parents must sign a permission slip prior to their child accessing the Internet.
The year before your child enters kindergarten is a critical time in his/her life to develop early literacy skills. We want to help to prepare your child for kindergarten.
Our program concentrates on reading and handwriting through a carefully stepped, individualized approach.
School Age (6-12)
We want our facility to be a place to spend time before and after school. Kids can be safe outside, spend time reading, get help with homework, grab a snack, and meet new friends.
We provide reliable transportation to and from most local elementary schools and an after-school snack. 
GrandmaDayCare Monthly Nutrition Menu Plans
Because we care about what your kids eat, all meals meet the
International Institute of Los Angeles (IILA) Nutritional Requirements.
All snacks and meals meet current USDA nutritional requirements.
Children's experiences and the habits they form today will help shape their eating habits in the future. By leaying healthy practices and making eating a pleasurable and social time, together we can lay the groubdwork for nutritional and enjoyable eating the rest of their lives.

Contact here

Address and Phone Number
P.O.Box 34009 Costa Mesa, CA, 92627

Website: GrandmaDayCare  We are a Family Childcare home that consists of Evangelina (My mom) and me, Angelica


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