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Kids` Care Club

Kids’ Care Club is a provider of quality child care development programs. We are dedicated to providing an environment that supports the development and learning of children. It is our mission to provide quality care to children in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment. Kids' Care Club has been providing child care services to over 18,000 families since 1994 in San Diego and Riverside Counties.
Address: San Diego, CA, 92129    
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Website: Kids` Care Club
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Kids` Care Club
Our locally owned and operated child development centers are licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services. Each of our centers is designed with the child in mind. You will see each classroom is uniquely designed to give your child the highest quality education in a learning, safe and enjoyable environment.
Unique features of our child development program:
- Center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) to create a quality Child Development Center.
- Our Master Teachers have twice the legal requirements of Early Childhood Education units;
- Our Teachers exceed the state legal requirements;
- Each of our oversized classrooms is uniquely designed!!! A Tree house loft, Barn loft, Toddler loft, and much more;
- Three Large Playgrounds fully furnished with many things for the children to do;
- We offer both part-time and full-time programs 2 , 3 or 5 days a week;
- We are open from 6:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M;
- We offer care for Infants (6 weeks to 18 months), Toddler, Preschool and Pre-K children;
- We have a low child-teacher ratio;
- We provide AM & PM snack for each child.
Toddler Curriculum
The Kids' Care Club curriculum for your 18 to 30 month old is to spend days engaged in activities that promote learning and discovery. Whether it's walking up the stairs or sliding down the slide of our specially designed loft, stacking building blocks, measuring water in our water table or playing with their favorite age-appropriate toy, your child will learn as they discover and explore. The Toddler curriculum focuses on continued listening to and talking with children. You will see our teachers "down on the floor" interacting with your children. This allows the teachers to relate at the child's level. We consistently listen and talk with the children - encouraging their emotional and language development. We surround the children with age-appropriate toys - encouraging exploration and discovery, thus enhancing their overall development. Your child will spend each day exploring the different activity areas in the classroom. The toddler classroom is designed with activity areas with special purposes and experiences, so necessary for toddler growth and development. We believe that staff and parent interaction and feedback are crucial to the success of our program. We accomplish this through close, personal relationships between our children's teachers and our parents by daily conversations, communication logs, message boards, and parent involvement meetings.
Preschool Curriculum
The Kids' Care Club curriculum supports the development and learning of each child. Our goal is to provide developmentally appropriate activities to develop each child socially, emotionally, physically, linguistically and cognitively through child-guided exploration. Our program is designed to build self-confidence and promote curiosity, initiative, and a love of learning. Our curriculum is built to bring the world into the classroom. We provide hands-on activities and independent creative play to allow the child to develop at their own pace. We provide a comprehensive curriculum that starts with exploration and experimentation while incorporating broad-based learning experiences that provides the foundation for academic success and lifelong skills. Our curriculum covers the following areas of concentration:
- Language Arts: Pre-reading and pre-writing skills, vocabulary building, letter recognition (upper/lower case), letter sounds, and literature rich environment.
- Math: Mathematics is everywhere, all around us. It relates to things we do everyday. In the home, mathematics is used while cooking, filling a cup of milk, stacking cups, sorting clothes and counting things. Math concepts include: Colors, shapes, numbers, counting, one to one correspondence, patterns & relationships, geometry, measurement, and time.
- Art: Creative art through painting, drawing, gluing, cutting, and collage. Art experiences stimulate children's expressiveness. Their art is free, unafraid, messy, honest, and personal.
-Science: Look around. Science is everywhere. It is a way of thinking that offers children powerful ways to understand their world. Water, Gardening, Air, Magnets, Pets and Colors are a few science concepts we explore.
- Music and Movement: Music is a universal language. Young children need to have a variety of music experiences that are casual and spontaneous. Singing, dancing, movement, and musical instruments are always a favorite.
- Cooking: Cooking is a "magical" activity for young children. Cooking activities appear to all of the child's senses: sight, smell, taste, hearing, and feeling. Cooking is a rich experience in our classroom.
- Dramatic Play: Housekeeping and dress-up, re-enacting stories, building vocabulary through play are a few things you will find in our program.

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Address and Phone Number
9995 Carmel Mountain Rd., #B8 Rancho Penasquitos Plaza, San Diego, CA, 92129

Website: Kids` Care Club  Kids` Care Club is a provider of quality child care development programs.


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