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Chino Child Development

Chino Child Development Center in Chino California, is committed to providing a high quality early childhood program, offering a safe and nurturing environment while promoting the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of young children. We believe that children are active learners, and unique individuals. They learn according to a developmental sequence, progressing at their own pace.
Address: Chino, CA, 91710    
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Website: Chino Child Development
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Chino Child Development
Our Goal
The major goal of our program is to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment that meets the developmental and individual needs of all children. It is our goal to foster and instill the joy of learning within each child. Program planning reflects the following basic beliefs:
- Children are active learners
- Each child is a unique individual
- Children learn in a developmental sequence
- Children learn through concrete and meaningful experiences that are relevant to their personal backgrounds and interests.

Mission Statement
At Chino Child Development Center, our main and only mission is to provide a nurturing, creative, stimulating, clean and safe environment in which our children can grow physically, emotionally and intellectually every day. We are prepared to help our children face the challenges they may encounter through various stages of their life.   
Extended Day Care
Extended day childcare is offered as a convenience to parents who are unable to take and pick up their children at dismissal time from the public school. We do offer Christmas, spring and summer break care for an additional fee. During the few hours after school we do offer snack, recreation and a homework time. Homework time consists of a quiet area and some limited help if needed. This is not to replace parental guidance for homework.
Staff Position Statement
The Chino Child Development Center staff is very proud of its commitment to high standards of excellence serving children and their parents. The attitude of our team is that children deserve and will experience a positive environment. We must be deeply committed to the children's well being in every way. We believe students need to have a balanced schedule. During our schedule, children should have enough time allocated for educational activities, relaxation and rest. A child's primary years are the most critical and we strongly believe that the most powerful influence in teaching young children is by example set by adult behavior. We are proud to be part of this team effort in building a better future for all our students from Pre-School to School age.
Appropriate guidance techniques provide an emotionally secure environment. These include:
- providing developmentally appropriate activities in which the children can actively be involved,
- respecting the needs of each individual,
- using all opportunities to develop positive self-esteem in each child,
- maintaining a positive atmosphere through frequent positive interactions and praise,
- establishing a predictable and consistent approach to learning.

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Address and Phone Number
4266 Walnut Avenue Chino, CA, 91710

Website: Chino Child Development  Chino Child Development Center in Chino California is committed to providing a high quality early childhood program, offering safety to your children.


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