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Casey`s Place

Fashioned as “the largest family room in the neighborhood,” Casey’s Place is 20,000 square feet of open space of endless possibilities for kids! Our facility, which once housed a large building materials store, is now home to batting cages, video arcade games, dozens of picnic tables and a lounge area with a big-screen TV.
Address: San Diego, CA, 92119    
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Website: Casey`s Place
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Casey`s Place
On any given day, you might find a group of senior adults enjoying conversation or dozens of elementary students working with volunteer tutors in our Educational and Recreational Mentoring Program. From a small Girl Scout Daisy Troop to a softball league of 300 players, the flexibility to suit the needs of any particular group and offers a variety of activities that bring community members together makes Casey’s Place a focal point within our neighborhood. More than just a physical location, Casey’s Place is part of a concept that members of individual communities can pool their resources to fund such a facility in their own backyard. Our business model relies upon revenues generated through community consumption, sponsorship, and donations from the community both private and corporate.
How we change lives
Over 500 families and 2000 children count on Casey’s Place each year to provide a safe and fun environment for learning, recreation, sports, and family building activities.
Our efforts to provide convenient community based support for families and children is driven by our belief that societal changes, such as single-parent and dual-income families have placed additional strain on an already overloaded support system. Casey’s Place has developed a unique and exciting approach that enables our community to successfully operate a facility that serves the neighborhood's specific needs. It is important to create a facility where children are the central focus. In an era where money and legal liability dictate operations, Casey’s Place will ask one more question: What is best for the children? Adopting this approach, each facility will be able to instill a sense of pride, confidence and accomplishment. Addressing critical hour care for kids, reintroducing convenient service and providing a platform for good role models, Casey’s Place will enhance our children’s lives.
Our benefits

Slowly, we have improved the facility. We have provided a unique environment, plenty of space, heavy on activity, with only minimal supervision from a distance, in order for kids to be allowed to be just that – kids.
- We are helping all parents by mentoring their children, doing homework and providing a safe place to play.
- We help the entire San Diego Community, offering Summer Camps, special activities, including Teen Dances, and allowing low or no cost facility use to organizations supporting youth, including Girl Scouts, Little League Baseball, Youth Soccer, La Jolla Jewish Community Center, the YMCA, and many more.
- We help the entire San Diego Community offering special programs including Summer Camps, Jewish Community Center Activities, Girls Scouts, etc.
- We have a community of families we support, who are counting on us. Jan and I have invested more than our family fortune into Casey’s Place. We have a clear goal of being self sustainable. We need the help of the community to keep this dream alive.

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Address and Phone Number
7375 Jackson Drive Suite B, San Diego, CA, 92119

Website: Casey`s Place  Fashioned as Уthe largest family room in the neighborhood,Ф Casey`s Place is 20,000 square feet of open space of endless possibilities for kids!


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