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Mentor Language Institute

 Mentor Language Institute`s exciting new ESL programs teach students real-world communications skills in a stimulating cultural environment. After class, students enjoy a full schedule of activities and field trips, each of which offers lots of opportunities to practice English conversation. Come and experience the best Southern California has to offer!
Address: Beverly Hills, CA, 90212    
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Website: Mentor Language Institute
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 Students retain information more effectively when they are able to use it in daily life. For this reason, MLI emphasizes skills that students will put into practice immediately. Also, students learn faster when they are interested in the specific topics discussed in class. MLI uses entertaining and up-to-date materials, exclusively.  
 MLI`s strict “English only” policy discourages students` over-reliance on dictionaries, word computers, and other external aids. Instead, we show students how to use context as a guide to accurate comprehension.  
 Students are required to confront their personal areas of difficulty in learning English. This is where MLI`s individualized approach is dramatically effective. Because our instructors have received special training in motivational psychology, they are able to help students overcome longstanding obstacles to progress in attaining English fluency.  
 The direct experience of American culture greatly enhances the language learning process. MLI instructors help students understand the cultural context in which English is used, by explaining slang, idioms, etiquette, regional accents, and other culturally based topics.  
 MLI`s instructors use an interactive teaching approach in which students receive regular progress assessment feedback.  
 Self-confidence develops as each student overcomes challenges appropriate to his or her level. MLI instructors ensure the participation of each student in a class, while presenting each with stimulating problem solving opportunities.  
 Beginning ESL  
 (240 Clock Hours, 12 Weeks, 20 Hours/Week)  
 In this introductory course students will develop a solid foundation in basic English communication skills. Students will work from textbooks, workbooks and audiotapes. By the completion of the course, students can expect significant improvement in understanding of vocabulary and idioms, pronunciation, listening comprehension, grammar, and confidence in free talking. The Beginning ESL course prepares students for study at the next intermediate level.

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9744 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 445 Beverly Hills, CA, 90212

Website: Mentor Language Institute  provides English Programs for students and adults.


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