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Sherwood Tutoring

 My name is Tracy Sherwood, I live in Bakersfield but my students come to me for serious progress from all over the US. When I personally tutor your child one-to-one, I triple Sylvan`s or any other tutoring program`s advertised guarantee, and attain our established goals within fewer hours. I will have you call as many parents as you like to see what other`s have to say about their child`s progress. Parents often ask why other programs weren`t able to make real progress with their child and how I could do it so soon and make it seem so easy.
Address: Bakersfield, CA, 93311    
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Website: Sherwood Tutoring
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 It often is that their child needed help ona more basic or deeper level than with school work. They likely needed to improve focus, concentration, confidence, or general learning aptitude or retention. Or perhaps there was no trouble with learning but something needed to click in the motivation department or with simple math or such. Whatever the case, barriers needed to be removed and the light bulb turned on before serious progress could be made with any kind of academic tutoring - no matter how experienced the tutor may have been.  
 This is the only program that invites you to sit in on tutoring sessions to learn the simple techniques to help your child at home now and in the future.. You will become more patient, skilled, and confident to help your child and even polish parenting if desired.  
 I offer free teacher workshops so when the teacher says your child is doing better and asks "What is making this fast progress?", you can invite the teacher to my free workshop to recruit that much more support for your child and help the teacher too.  
 Our country was young and strong, and proper English and grammar followed close behind phonics and were mastered very early on. The Big Three, Reading, Writing and `Rithmatic, formed a learning foundation, stressed every day of every year in every class throughout our nation.  Within these three came spelling (with all its rules), sentence diagramming (for advanced writing and comprehension mastery) and vocabulary, (for optimum understanding and exchange of ideas).  
 With English, grammar and word pronunciation skills, students were able to understand the format of the dictionary in all its depth.  It was through this vital study resource that a student was able to tutor himself through areas of non-comprehension. The dictionary itself was a thoroughly taught subject, and every student kept a good English dictionary at his desk and wore it well.

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11512 Marazion Hill Court Bakersfield, CA, 93311

Website: Sherwood Tutoring  Tutoring and Home Phonics Programs for Antelope Valley Los Angeles


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