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ThinkTank Learning

 Founded by UC Berkeley graduates, ThinkTank Learning is dedicated to help students to meet their educational goals, we do this by offering classes and other educational forums to supplement students` classroom learning. Whether a student`s goal is to achieve a high SAT score or just to improve his or her math or writing skills, ThinkTank Learning boasts a staff from the best universities in the nation and the teaching experience to help.
Address: Cupertino, CA, 95014    
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Website: ThinkTank Learning
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 Why ThinkTank Learning?  
 As college admission becomes increasingly competitive, more students are desperately seeking the extra edge from tutors and test-preparatory companies. Consequently, to meet the growing demand, a flood of educators and tutoring companies has quickly inundated students and parents. It is easy to find SAT-prep courses ranging from a few weeks to a few months, which charge between $400 and $3000. While some companies claim they hire scholars with PhD`s, others employ teachers with no legitimate educational backgrounds. With a myriad of suspicious advertising and claims, it has become a risky task for students and parents to seek the help they really need.  
 Best Student-To-Teacher Ratio: With a maximum of 12 students in our Synchronized After-School Courses and 9 students in our SAT-I courses, our students get unparalleled individual attention from instructors.  
 Proprietary Test-Taking Strategies: This will give you the extra edge you need to compete.  
 Topnotch Instructors From Top Schools: Our instructors come from only the top schools (like UC Berkeley and Stanford). In addition to their great enthusiasm, they bring to students the know-how in getting into the top schools.  
 Extensive Communication: We maximize individual attention by keeping parents informed of students` progress so no one is left behind. We believe there is a need for a legitimate firm that offers superior teaching at a fair price. Our mission is to provide solid teaching that inspires our students to unravel and utilize their fullest potentials.  
 With our standardized scoring rubrics, our students and their parents will be able to see patterns of development in their writing. Our small class sizes will also allow for a greater degree of individual attention than is normally experienced in a public school setting. We are dedicated to help our students become proficient writers, and we believe that our students will benefit from our writing program.

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10650 Bubb Road Cupertino, CA, 95014

Website: ThinkTank Learning  Academic Help, College Admission, SAT Preparation, Tutoring, and More!


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