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Aristar Learning Center

 Aristar provides a unique individual learning experience combining solid academic instruction with enthusiastic encouragement designed to enhance student achievement and self-concept. The name Aristar was derived by combining the renowned philosopher, Aristotle`s name with Heather`s middle name, Star. Accredited classes from elementary age to college are available.
Address: Newport Beach, CA, 92660    
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Website: Aristar Learning Center
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 College Level Students Study  
 Aristar helps prepare college level students for exams. The GRE, MCAT, LSAT, and GMAT are offered. College students can also be assisted with any subject.  
 Adults Study Foreign Languages  
 Adults study foreign Languages to assist them on trips abroad. Tutors instruct students in how to be conversational in a foreign country. The basic tools of languages are given to the student to assure them that they will feel comfortable once they arrive at their destination.  
 SAT Preparation  
 SAT preparation courses help students learn how to take the test successfully. Real practice tests are given to the student so progress can be tracked. Testing tactics are taught and vocabulary tests are regularly given to expose the students to the volume of words on the test.  
 English as a Second Language (ESL) is available for all ages. Practical lessons are given. Trips to public places to use the language that they are learning is also a helpful way to learn.  
 TOEFL Preparation  
 Test of English Foreign Language is a test prep class that is available for foreign students who need the test to attend the university here.  
 Teachers at Aristar have degrees or are working towards their degrees in the area that they teach. Some teachers are working towards their Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorates. While others are seeking admission to medical or law school or other professional schools. Each teacher is chosen based on the subject matter that they have studied or are studying.  
 Courses in all subject and grade levels are offered  
 Assist is available for all subject areas  
 Aristar offers college level courses as well. High school students wishing to fulfill their 4th year of spanish may also earn College credit. It is a dual credit course.  
 Approximately 40 new students attend Aristar each month. Currently, there are 45 teachers and over 200 students.

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Address and Phone Number
1451 Quail St., Suite 108 Newport Beach, CA, 92660

Website: Aristar Learning Center  Commited to your progress


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