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Eaton & Associates

 Eaton & Associates is a cross-platform hardware, software, and computer network integration service provider - We offer IT solutions and consulting services for businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California as well as nationwide. Eaton & Associates specializes in hardware and software consulting, sales, repair, IT maintenance and training for individuals and organizations in industries such as advertising, design, bio-tech, hospitality, banking, education, government and more.
Address: San Francisco, CA, 94124    
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Website: Eaton & Associates
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  To achieve that requires a broad, cross-platform technical expertise, an understanding of your business and how it uses technology, and a group of friendly, knowledgeable professionals who can communicate clearly without using a lot of insider jargon. Delivering worry-free computing also means having a simple list of priorities that guide every decision we make.   
  This is ours Priorities  
  Protect your data. Computers are easy to replace - data is not. Make sure everything you have works the way it`s supposed to.  
 Add features or functionality after priorities 1 and 2 are accomplished.  
  We can handle just about any IT challenge you throw at us. And if we can`t, we`ll tell you. So far though, that hasn·t happened. Of course, occasionally we make a mistake. And when we do, we own up to it, explain what happened, and then we fix it. We do certain things exceptionally well. Please click on navigation bar topics to read about our expertise in detail.  
  Network design, deployment, and service  
  From design and architecture to deployment and service, Eaton & Associates knows how to make your network perform for your business. Design begins with the basics, one of which is ensuring that your network will have adequate bandwidth to meet the aggregate needs of everyone who will use it. Do you have graphic designers who need to move large files and have unique storage and backup needs? What about work groups that use collaborative applications? How about a field sales force that needs remote access? Meeting these requirements, and many more, must be accounted for in the design process. Closely related to design is network architecture. Architecture deals with anticipating the potential obstacles to data flow. For example, in large networks such as schools, the Internet connection can become a bottleneck. In this case, setting up a caching proxy server (caching frequently accessed web pages locally) can significantly improve performance. So a classroom of 30 kids all going to the same Web page can access it at Ethernet speed rather than WAN speed (T1 or DSL).  
  Network architecture also needs to plan for failure. A network should have redundancy built in so that if any one piece of equipment goes down, the network can still function. The degree of redundancy required is directly related to how your business uses its network. Generally, the more directly network failures affect revenue the more redundancy is necessary. Network design and architecture planning demand comprehensive knowledge of hardware, standards and protocols, configuration options, and best practices. Our approach is to make sure we understand what the network is expected to support, including mission-critical applications, and then to choose appropriate equipment, configure it properly, and test its performance thoroughly.

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1275 Fairfax Avenue, Suite 201 San Francisco, CA, 94124

Website: Eaton & Associates  There is one thing above all others that Eaton & Associates strives to deliver to its clients: a worry-free computer environment.


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