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Cut and Dried Hardwood

 Do you need to find a piece of wood to inspire a design - Will the right molding bring new character to a room - Would a special knob be the perfect detail for the dresser you re-finished? Then, Cut & Dried Hardwood is the place to find your inspiration with nearly 100 hardwoods from five continents, we have the right piece to create an artistic jewelry box, a beautiful guitar, or a classic Shaker-style dresser.
Address: Solana Beach, CA, 92075    
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Website: Cut and Dried Hardwood
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 Our more than 200 molding styles can give you fresh ideas of how to bring new warmth or life to a room. And, one of our 20,000 knobs will be the ideal detail to complete the cabinet you created or the antique dresser you have restored. At Cut & Dried Hardwood, it is our mission to provide the inspiration for your projects. So, come visit our showroom when starting your next project, and we will help you find your inspiration.  
 We have a vast collection, nearly 100 varieties, of both domestic & exotic hardwoods from Alder to Machiche, from Mahogany to Ziracote. Our passion for rare and beautiful wood products is obvious as you browse through the largest selection of lumber species in Southern California. From one of a kind gigantic slabs to 1/4 inch box material to our hundreds of pieces of turning stock. We also feature certified plantation grown "Smart Wood" exotics and Certified Urban Forest woods. In our book department you will find a comprehensive collection of titles on all types of wood and their uses.  
 Though the craft of veneering was already well established in 16th century Europe, today it allows for a high degree of creativity for projects too costly or inappropriate for solid wood. Whether your project calls for large curves or delicate inlay, veneer provides yet another option to ensure your creative vision is seen through to completion. You will find hundreds of titles in our book department that will help and inspire you on veneering and general woodworking. In plywood veneers we stock 1/4" to 3/4" in 20+ species. We sell 1/4, 1/2 and full sheets and will order whatever you need. In flexible veneers we have the standard domestic woods like the oaks and maples to crotch mohaghany and ebony. Also featured are Dover perfling, and inlays for marquetry work.  
 With over 5,000 titles our book department is the place where our delight, wonder, and reverence for great design is joyfully exhibited. This may be the most compre- hensive collection of woodworking, home & interior design and gardening books you will find. Browse and fill your heart and soul. You will not go home empty handed.  
 Subjects include:  
 Building: Concept to technique  
 Garden: Planning to plants  
 Interior Design: Inspiration and instruction  
 Woodworking: Projects, tools and techniques

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2421 S.Cedros Solana Beach, CA, 92075

Website: Cut and Dried Hardwood  hardware,furniture making,locks,hinges,latches,drawer slides,knobs,lumber,primed MDF,tools,saws,record and marples,chisels,planes,carving,drill bits,a


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