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Prabhath Academy For Music & Performing Arts offers dance classes in Bharathanatyam and Kathak, music classes in Karnatic Vocal, and Karnatic instruments Veena and Mrudangam. Students are trained thoroughly in both the theoretical and practical aspects of performing arts. They are also trained in the aesthetics of theater and stage performance.
Address: Sunnyvale, CA, 94085    
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Website: PAMPA
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Since its conception in 1930 in India Prabhath Academy created stage history with a unique blend of tradition and sophisticated modern stage techniques. What makes this group distinctive is its ability to communicate effectively, by employing innovative audio visual craftsmanship blended with pure traditional art form. In order to serve this recipe to lovers of art and culture in the US, Prabath Academy for Music and Performing Arts was founded in California.
Beginners and advanced students aretrained with detailed theory and practical lessons.
Pampa offers classes in two forms of Indian classical Dances, Bharathanatyam and Kathak. Bharathanatyam originated from Southern India and Kathak is a North Indian dance form. Bharathanatyam is a combination of Bhava (Expression), Raga (tune) and Tala (rhythm). Indian mythology believes Bharathanatyam to be divine since Lord Nataraja and Goddess Parvati performed Bharathanatyam. Music that goes with this dance form is Karnatic classical music. Katha (story) is narrated in Kathak. This dance form mostly involves complex foot work and graceful hand movements. Lot of preference is given to style and grace that makes Kathak different from Bharathanatyam. Kathak is subdivided into two major sub divisions called the Hindu style and the Moghul style. Originated in North india and perfomed to Hindustani classical music. Nirmala Madhava
Pampa offers Karnatic Classical Music which includes Vocal, Veena (Indian String instrument) and Mrudangam (Indian drum) lessons. Karnatic Music is the oldest form of music that originated from Southern part of India. Karnatic music is based on improvisation with 72 basic ragas (tunes) and 5 talas (rhythms) as the basic structure. These 72 melakartha ragas are further sub-divided into many other Janya ragas (derivative tunes) which follow the same scale structure as the Janaka raga (main tune). The five major talas are 3 (Tishra), 4 (Chatushra), 5 (Kanda), 7 (Mishra), and 9 (Sankeerna).
Renowned Saints such as Purandara Dasa, Kanaka Dasa, Vijaya Dasa,Thyagaraja, Muthuswami Deekshitar, Swathi Thirunal and others have contributed innumerable devotional songs (Krithis and Devaranamas) and hymns (shlokas) which are popular even today.
The entire original dance dramas and ballets presented by Pampa are free of the conventional and the common place. Pampa’s creations are steeped with innovative insights and approach. The presentations are unpretentious and devoid of any complicated pseudo-intellectual patterns. The message flows through smoothly and thrills the audience with its sheer simplicity.
Another feature of the academy is its superb presentation of almost all the classical forms of Indian dance such as Bharathanatyam, Kathakali, and Kathak. Gorgeous and traditional costumes, exhaustive research and well rehearsed performances lend an air of authenticity to the performances, which are visual feast.
Talented students are given opportunities to take pivotal roles in ballets and dance dramas produced by the academy.

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520 Lawrence Expressway Suite 311, Sunnyvale, CA, 94085

Website: PAMPA  Prabhath Academy For Music & Performing Arts offers dance classes, music classes, and Karnatic instruments Veena and Mrudangam.

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