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Creative Arts School

Creative Arts is a child oriented school. The wholesome development of all children of our community (regardless of race, religion or national origin) is the primary concern of Creative Arts. The teaching staff, together with the parents in the community and the children themselves, seek to find more creative ways to assist the individual Preschool child in attaining optimal academic, physical and social development.
Address: Long Beach, CA, 90813    
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Website: Creative Arts School
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Creative Arts School
Our Motto:
Early education promotes learning that challenges the mind and inspires the spirit.
Our Mission is to provide academic learning surrounded by creativity.
About us
As a school community worker for Roosevelt Elementary in Long Beach, Carrie Bryant made house calls for students who had missed more than three days of school. Bryant encountered some heart-breaking situations on her travels, such as a 5-year-old at home alone caring for a younger sibling because the mother had to go to work. "I would try to find a neighbor and have them watch the kids," Bryant said. "Generally, you would have to report it, but I tried to work with the mothers and wanted what was best to keep the family together." Bryant's experience at the school helped her to see a need in the community that was not being met. There was no childcare to accommodate mothers who did not have husbands, extended family, or neighbors to watch the kids. Mrs. Bryant's desire to help led her to open the Creative Arts School on Walnut Avenue in Long Beach. The school opened in 1972 with 25 children. Today, the school offers more than just childcare. The program accommodates 47 preschoolers, 45 kindergarten - sixth graders, and 10 to 20 after - school kids. "The children are treated with love and taught about respect," Bryant said. "We prepare a hot lunch and snacks so that they have good nourishment, which is important for learning." The academic program from preschool through sixth grade develops reading skills at an early age, making the students academically astute and helping to create a positive self - image. Bryant emphasizes the importance of learning in a child's development - the school makes it a goal to have each student reading by the age of 4. "When they are bored, children ar the hardest to handle," Bryant said. "There's an exuberance that goes into learning and a change takes place in the child." Although many of the children are from families on the Welfare To Work programs and cannot afford to pay for private school tuition, Bryant works with each individual situation to make sure a child never misses anything, such as a field trip, because the family could not afford it. Mrs. Carrie Bryant has been the proud owner of Creative Arts Preschool K-6th grades for thirty years. She has educated many students who have now graduated from college and are very successful. Creative Arts Staff work to accomplish goals set by Mrs. Bryant to:
- Make learning fun.
- Raise the self-image of children by doing thing well.
- To have parent, child and teacher relationships that provides the opportunity to help each child succeed.
Mrs. Bryant teaches on a weekly basis in staff meetings, workshops, and individually to be sure the developmental needs of each child is met. Mrs. Bryant has an AA Degree, a BA Degree and a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education. She is looking forward to the opening of Creative Arts Pacific - 2308 Pacific Ave. where there will be a computer bar, parent classes, and care for one year olds and much, much, more.

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Address and Phone Number
1423 Walnut Ave Long Beach, CA, 90813

Website: Creative Arts School  Creative Arts is a child oriented school. The wholesome development of all children of our community is our primary concern.

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