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Atelier by Arts Attack

We at Atelier by Arts Attack are trying to develop your child’s talent and spiritual wealth. The Atelier visual art program was developed and comprehensively tested to ensure outstanding results in the homeschool environment. Using video-based teaching methods, Atelier provides the home educator with unprecedented ease of use, breadth of scope, and results-oriented validation.
Address: Del Mar, CA, 92014    
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Website: Atelier by Arts Attack
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Atelier by Arts Attack
The Value of Art in a Child's Development
As a highly motivated parent educator, you know how imperative art is to a child's development. Many of our most valuable skills, including creative ability, aesthetic judgment, problem posing and solving, critical thinking, and visualization, are uniquely fostered only by effective and thorough arts education. Countless studies clearly prove that art education not only develops the right side of the brain (responsible for all synthesizing, imaging and visualizing aspects of learning), it also develops neural body-brain connections critical for children to realize their full potential in all areas of study. This is especially true for children in their formative elementary school years. Art education helps children develop emotionally and socially, and provides them with a greater ability to deal with schooling and with life in general. And while art requires self-discipline and confidence to succeed, it actually helps to develop many types of intelligences necessary to experience and to understand today's world.
Atelier - The Solution for the Homeschooler
- Ease of Use: Every Atelier lesson is presented on DVD, and is reinforced by lesson plans. Not only is the DVD a rich source of creative ideas and inspiration, it also clarifies the objectives, materials, techniques and procedures of each lesson. Abundant instructional coverage, as well as that of students in classrooms performing the lesson and displaying their finished artwork, consistently produces exceptional student results and learning, independent of the art background of the parent-teacher.
- Breadth of Scope: Atelier is based on the teaching of art elements and principles - including line, color, shape, form, texture, pattern, balance and emphasis - as well as art history, media exploration, creative self-expression, cultural appreciation, right-brain drawing techniques, and much more.
- Validation: Over 800,000 students in schools and homes throughout America are using the Atelier art lessons to develop their artistic and creative skills, to learn about artists, art principles and art history, and to develop the creative capacities of the right side of the brain.
"Atelier is the best homeschooling art curriculum out there. I've looked at many and bought a few, but this one exceeds all my expectations. It can even turn a non-artistic child into one who loves art. It's DVD-based, so your children actually watch the art teacher demonstrate the lesson and then observe as the children in her class do the project. It's a great way to expose children to the fact that not everyone does art the same way, and it's ok to have your own style. They also have art appreciation, artist study, and lots of great art projects. It's wonderful!"

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4615 Rancho Reposo Del Mar, CA, 92014

Website: Atelier by Arts Attack  We at Atelier by Arts Attack are trying to develop your child`s talent and spiritual wealth.


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