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Hirschl School of Dance Arts & Sunrise Ballet Thea

The Hirschl School of Dance Arts serving north Orange County since 1972. The HSDA is run as a place of education, rather than a business. Our success is defined by the accomplishments and satisfaction of our customers: the students and parents. We impart a positive attitude in a professional, yet friendly environment.
Address: Anaheim, CA, 92806    
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Website: Hirschl School of Dance Arts &
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Tile and Stone Stores in CA

"Happy students and parents are our definition of success"
Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap, Lyrical & Modern
Our purpose is to provide maximum development of individual potential in an enjoyable & low-stress atmosphere. Equal emphasis, attention and respect is given to all- regardless of talent, age, level, potential, physique, or reason for taking. We bring out the best in every student, rather than only highlighting the few with the gift of superior talent. Everybody shines.
Choosing the Right School is an Important Decision.
It is an investment of time, effort and money. The right teacher and school can produce a physically and emotionally enjoyable (It doesn’t matter how serious you are about the art… it’s still supposed to be fun!) experience, filled with many positive side effects that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.
We Understand the Significance of What We Do.
What we impart goes far beyond just teaching dance steps: Self-confidence, self-esteem, coordination, and grace are only some of the valuable by-products.
Whether you pursue dance as a career or simply for the joy of the art, HSDA standards to you will not vary. Students get a sense of accomplishment from each lesson as well as the long-term of the training process.
More Reasons to Dance With Us
Knowledgable teachers with the right purpose. Our staff is carefully selected & trained for their expertise and ability to contribute as caring educators to give all students a well-rounded education in dance.
Innovation: Teachers from other studios have been learning from us for decades, and many studios have copied our admistration, philosophies and teaching styles. (Who’s copying whom? The HSDA opened in 1972 with bright new & original ideas, and continue to innovate. We’re flattered by the immitators. Why not get it straight from the source?)
Lessons that start & end on time. We respect you, and understand your time is valuable. We will be punctual with lessons and rehearsals.
Open for regular lessons year-round. We do not close for the summer months.
All lessons are taught on raised, floating dance floors, made for safe and healthy dancing. We endeavor to train and keep all our dancers healthy– good flooring is the first step.
We find out what your short and long-term goals & obectives are. We help students figure out where they are (point “A”), where they want to be (point “B”), then how to get there. We find out WHY you dance, so that you are challenged and recieve the best value and enjoyment for your investment of time, effort and money.
Smaller average class size, which means more teacher attention to each student.
"The other school takes precedence over this one”. At the Hirschl School, the academics (of regular school) will not be effected. We impose guidelines that work with the student, so they will achieve their goals in dance and still have time and energy to do full justice to all their academics– from elementary school to college.

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3478 East Orangethorpe Avenue Anaheim, CA, 92806

Website: Hirschl School of Dance Arts &  The Hirschl School of Dance Arts serving north Orange County since 1972.

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