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Starlight Dance Studio

Starlight Dance Studio’s goal is to provide a relaxed, comfortable, fun atmosphere for people to learn how to dance, refine their dance skills, and socialize with friends who enjoy the same hobby. Whether you are an experienced dancer looking for new material, or a brand-new beginner preparing for a special occasion, Starlight offers flexible classes to fit into both your schedule and your budget.
Address: San Diego, CA, 92115    
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Website: Starlight Dance Studio
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Group classes are perfect for new students learning basics and for experienced dancers looking for exciting new patterns. We offer a wide range of classes in a variety of styles and levels. We certainly have one that is right for you. Our group classes run in monthly sessions that, at a basic level, work to get a student comfortable with a new dance, and, at an intermediate or advanced level, provide students with a series of socially leadable patterns. No partner is required. In our group classes we rotate partners frequently to get students comfortable with a variety of different people. Feel free to bring your spouse or a friend so you can enjoy the learning process together and have someone to practice with.
Performance classes are a unique concept that originated here at Starlight. These classes are structured in format similar to group classes, however, they run for about three months rather than one. Your instructor will choreograph and teach a routine designed for performance by the class as a group. This allows dancers to take their dancing to the next level by learning material that is more complex as well as learning skills that make a good performer. After the routine is complete and rehearsed, the class will have the opportunity to perform at several of our evening functions here at the studio. This provides a safe place to first experience the feeling of performing the skills you have learned. It is also a great opportunity to invite friends and family to watch you in action. Most performance classes are designed for intermediate to advanced level dancers unless otherwise specified.
Private lessons are a valuable resource to all dancers. They allow you to learn at whatever pace is comfortable to you. One on one instruction provides detailed information that can help you work on a wide variety of technical concepts, such as lead, follow, connection, balance, and spins, that are difficult to perfect in a group format. Starlight has an incredible group of world-class instructors.
Pro-am is a wonderful opportunity to get involved in the world of competition without having to find a partner. Most of our teachers here at Starlight compete in pro-am competitions. In this type of competition, students dance with their teachers and are judged against other students. Instructors prepare their students through private lessons. This allows dancers to get on the competition floor with a partner that is experienced and can guide a student through the competitive experience.
We require no long-term commitment or contracts.
We have two large ballrooms, totalling over 7300 square feet. Each ballroom has an independant sound system.

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6506-H El Cajon Blvd San Diego, CA, 92115

Website: Starlight Dance Studio  Starlight Dance Studios goal is to provide a relaxed, comfortable, fun atmosphere for people to learn how to dance.

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