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Silicon Valley Driving School

 We are Olson's Silicon Valley Driving School (SVDS) - the premiere driving school in San Jose, we will provide the highest quality service which is very effective, professional and informative, we will provide the best value! Value that translates into a fair price, combined with exceptional training, we will meet and complete our commitments and responsibilities. Our training sets a high standard of excellence, second to none!
Address: San Jose, CA, 95129    
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Website: Silicon Valley Driving School
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 Congratulations you are inquiring about one of the finest driving schools in California, Olson`s Silicon Valley Driving School (SVDS). SVDS is a State of California licensed driving school that provides high quality driver training for teenage and adult students. Our mind set is to provide comprehensive training that will prepare students to be proficient, safe, and courteous drivers. SVDS truly has the student's best interest in mind. We want students to be confident and successful in their driving experience.  
 The driving instructors are state licensed, and very experienced in developing and implementing training to suit individual needs. They create a learning environment that is informative, interesting, and easy to learn. Most importantly the instructor's main intent is to develop the students driving skills, judgment, and ability to think for themselves. SVDS is dedicated to making the driver training experience as pleasant, satisfying and successful as possible. On the first lesson your instructor will evaluate you skill level, ability, and fear factor. This will allow your instructor to custom tailor driving lessons that will suit your ability and nature, that will allow for greatest possible success with minimum amount of stress.  
 The office staff are personable, knowledgeable, and helpful. They will answer any questions or concerns you may have about becoming a driver.  
 Our customers enjoy the best value. For our goal is to provide the highest quality driver training in conjunction with affordable prices.  
 The following is a list of services that SVDS provides. Training is available to anyone, for any particular need, or requirement. SVDS caters to the beginning student whether it be teenager, or adult. Also assist existing licensed drivers to improve their skill and/or confidence. A car can also be provided for the drive test.  
 Teenage 6 hours of Driving lessons - Mandated by the State of California, for persons under the age of 18 years.  
 Adult Driving lessons - Develop the the necessary skills and confidence that will allow a person to drive competently, safely and pass the drive test.  
 Brush up lessons - typically is a one, two hour lesson, however depending on various needs may require more. Content of lesson will be determined by student's wants and recommendations made by the instructor.

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7280 Blue Hill Dr. Suite 2A San Jose, CA, 95129

Website: Silicon Valley Driving School  highest quality driver training in conjunction with affordable prices.

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