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Just You Personal Training

Congratulations on deciding that you must make lifestyle changes with help of Jennifer Ashley. You are a very strong individaul to get to this place with yourself. I am sure that you have had great success and then, equal frustrations, in regards to your weight.
Address: Carlsbad,, CA, 90234    
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Website: Just You Personal Training
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Jennifer Ashley is a Professional Certified Master Personal Trainer
You have everything to gain. With a 100% money back guarantee…Commit to the training, the cardio and the eating required, and you will be at your goal. I will do everything I can do to help you get there, from providing the equipment, to motivation and the most advanced training education possible. You provide the body and a mind that is locked onto the desire and the commitment to succeed.
With her passion and extensive education, Jennifer’s commitment to her clients through motivation, education and support, sets her training apart from all others.
Specializing in physique transformations, with a strong background in anatomy, performance nutrition, physiology, and physical therapy, you will experience personal training that will far surpass your expectations.
As told by her clients, “Jennifer’s dedication to Educating and Motivating Sets Her Training Apart From All Others.”
Jennifer is also available for educational/motivational speaking engagements regarding strength training and preventing age-related diseases through fitness.
Personalised fitness services to fit your individual needs
Metabolic Testing: One, quick ten-minute test revels you unique metabolic requirements. It is not just about counting calories; it is about making calories count! ... more
Metabolic Training Customized meal plans sent to you via e-mail each week. Precision on micro-macro nutrients.
Strength training: Increase bone density, decrease blood pressure, lower cholesterol and improve self-image and esteem. The Fountain of Youth.
Personal Training sessions: Your trainer creates a program specifically designed for you. Increase your productivity and your results with a knowledgeable, degreed, professional trainer. Your expectations will be exceeded.
Partner trainer sessions: Split your session time with a partner or two.
Cardiovascular Training and Program design: Do your know your fat burning zone…own a heart rate monitor? Train in the zone specific for the results you want.
Pilate Reformer or Mat Work: You will improve muscle tone and shape while encouraging muscle lengthening, joint mobility, and flexibility.
Bosu: Got Balance? Functional, integrated, training. Increase your core strength, balance and agility.
From Your Trainers Kitchen Meal Planning: We design the meals for you; learn how important the proper fuel for your body is. Tired, want more energy? It’s in the food! Increases your energy levels & decreases your ratio of fat to lean muscle.
Get up and Go**: This action packed 40-minute class is guaranteed to wake you up.
You 101: This 6 week course is packed full of information all about…You! In a relaxed class atmosphere, you will soak up the knowledge. Learn basic anatomy, physiology, digestion, nutrition…and More!! How to take care of YOUR body ... more
Educational Lectures: New topics, mini-workshops, information that can change the way you think about aging. Life-changing techniques to increase your abilities to age strong and healthy. Knowledge is Power, when you apply it.
Running Club: This program is designed for any fitness level. We will be starting slow and gradually building your base to keep you injury free ... more
Group Classes: Each month something new!

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1265 Carlsbad Village Drive Suite 220, Carlsbad,, CA, 90234

Website: Just You Personal Training  Congratulations on deciding that you must make lifestyle changes with help of Jennifer Ashley.


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