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EastWest Healing and Performance

The EastWest Healing and Performance, San Diego's leading personal training company is ready for your call. The only fitness program in San Diego that guarantees you will meet your goals! We seek to coach people to coach themselves!
Address: San Diego, CA, 90345    
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Website: EastWest Healing and Performan
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San Diego Personal Trainer
Joshua Rubin, OTR/L

I Know You May Have Tried Lots of Programs, Workouts, and Diets.
Still, I Outright Guarantee You've Never Tried Anything Quite As Powerful And Effective As Our Personal Training Programs!

We are not just your average discount personal trainer. There are several things that set us apart from the rest.
We will treat you as an individual person with individual needs and goals.
Our programs are much more than great workouts, we incorporate musculoskeletal, neurological, nutrition and lifestyle assessment to ensure the success of your program.
Years of clinical and educational experience allow our personal trainers to provide the highest quality of care to each person and guide his/her clients to their goals. We are specially trained to work with individuals presenting with acute or chronic injuries, those seeking safe and effective exercise programs, athletes seeking performance conditioning, individuals requiring nutritional and lifestyle coaching, and/or metabolic typing.
Below are the various services that are offered:
Body Fat Reduction
Chronic Fatigue (hypo/hyperglycemia, adrenal fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, depression)
Dehydration (headaches, musculoskeletal dysfunction)
Immune System dysfunction (Fibromyalgia, throat, ear, eyes, nose and mouth problems)
Endocrine system rebalancing
Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching
Metabolic Typing
Homeopathic Remedies
Freedom from chronic pain
Corrective Exercise Training
Golf Conditioning
GI disorders (IBS, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Dysbiosis)
Neuromuscular Therapy ( St. John’s Method)
Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Occupational Therapy
Stroke Rehabilitation
Geriatric Conditioning/Rehabilitation
Back and Neck Pain
Work Conditioning
Pre/Post Natal Training
Your current physical condition is not a factor. We work with people of all fitness levels and experience. What matters is that you are ready to make changes and you are ready to start today!
Each program is designed around your goals and your schedule. We will not hand you a boring, generic workout that will have you just "going through the motions!"  We will monitor and track your progress to make sure you are seeing the results you are looking for.
Sport Specific Conditioning
Olympic Lifting Conditioning
Youth Fitness
Home/Work Ergonomic Assessment

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N/A San Diego, CA, 90345

Website: EastWest Healing and Performan  The EastWest Healing and Performance, San Diego


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