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South Bay In-Home Tutors

South Bay Tutors is a network of professional in-home tutors in the South Bay area of southern California. Los Angeles Math and SAT tutor, South Bay Math and SAT Tutor, Manhattan Beach Math and SAT Tutor, Redondo Beach Math and SAT Tutor, in-home tutoring from PV to Santa Monica to West LA and all areas between.
Address: Torrance, CA, 90505    
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Website: South Bay In-Home Tutors
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Welcome to South Bay Tutors, your source for in-home tutoring for all K-12 subjects and SAT test prep. We are a network of professional educators.
The founder, Joseph Tillotson, was on the math faculty at Marymount College from 2004 to 2007 and has hand-picked several other highly effective tutors. Unlike other tutoring companies, we pay no money to third parites such as bookkeepers, executves' salaries, or office rent.
The SAT specialists are Allison, Paul, and Victor. Each is highly trained in SAT prep with sterling credentials. The rest of the tutors specialize in various non-SAT subjects.
Allison is now with South Bay Tutors for Math, English, and SAT prep. She is a dynamic tutor with the following credentials:
- bachelors degree in both Math and English from Scripps College in Claremont.
- Seven years of tutoring experience
- trained and taught for 2 years for an SAT prep company.
- Scored a perfect 2400 when she recently re-took the new SAT as an adult.
- taught pre-calculus at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy
In addition to her sterling credentials Allison is gifted with a charismatic and friendly personality to go along with her great tutoring abilities. Perhaps her most impressive credential is the fact that of the 140 tutors working for the same California based SAT prep company she works for it was her pupils who improved the most over the pupils of the other 139 tutors. This is quite an achievement!
Paul has a BFA in Drama from NYU as well as an MSRE (Masters of Science in Real Estate) with a concentration in Finance from NYU. As a graduate student he received the Deans Fellowship. His high school was The Wardlaw-Hartridge School, a college preparatory school in New Jersey.
Subjects tutored:
- SAT Test Prep
- Algebra I
- Algebra II
- Geometry
- English: essay composition, research papers.
- Social sciences: History, Economics
- Biology
Victor has a diverse educational background, beginning with his strong academics at West High in Torrance, through the present as he pursues a degree in Food Science and Chemistry.
Subjects Tutored:
- SAT Test Preparation (all sections)
- Math: algebra I & II, geometry, pre-calculus, statistics
- Sciences: Biology AP, Chemistry AP, Physics.
- English: essays, research papers, creative writing; English AP prep.
- Spanish: native speaker, proficient in tutoring Spanish 1
- Social Sciences: economics, U.S. history AP
These tutors have great communication skills, mastery of the subjects they tutor, and exceptional credentials and experience. Their "tutoring personalities" include plenty of patience, enthusiasm, and charisma.
Joseph Tillotson follow up with their current clients making sure that those students and parents are happy with the results obtained from working with the tutor.

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Address and Phone Number
22505 Ocean Ave. Torrance, CA, 90505

Website: South Bay In-Home Tutors  South Bay Tutors is a network of professional in-home tutors for all K-12 subjects and SAT prep in the South Bay area.


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