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Berkman Educational Services

If you are looking for a great tutoring or home-schooling program that offers your student a professional, flexible and results-oriented experience then we are the right place for you. We provide after school tutoring, instruction in all subjects for home schoolers and test preparation for the SAT.
Address: Aliso Viejo, CA, 92656    
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Website: Berkman Educational Services
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  About Our Services 

  Individualized Instruction and One-on-One Tutoring Programs
  One on one tutoring is a great way to start helping a student in their understanding of school work. This allows for the tutor to pinpoint the specific areas where the student is struggling and tackle them in an efficient manner. For our full or part time home school students we offer individual instruction in order to help them pace themselves without having to worry about others catching on or them falling behind.  We can supply specialized instruction in areas of concern from 2-30 hours a week depending on the need of your student, the goals you have worked to set together, and the expectations of grade level proficiency. 
  This program offers a one on one experience for children needing the personal attention and academic encouragement that a traditional school setting cannot provide.  Regardless of whether at home or on site, students receive instructional aide in a way that will take full advantage of their learning potential, utilize their minds and creativity. Our staff provides support for everything from Honors and Advanced Placement courses, Independent Study and Grade Level Acceleration, to Standardized Tests and GED preparation for all age groups.

  Small Class settings
  Many children find school either a challenge or not challenging enough.  While teachers try to accommodate the majority of the students in their classrooms, they end up leaving out students who need more challenging material or who require more attention and time.  We believe that a nurturing and welcoming environment causes a student to become enthusiastic about learning, attending school, and meeting academic goals, which is why we offer small classroom settings to help our students.  Our individual daily lesson plans ensure a workload to accommodate each child's learning needs, while still challenging their minds and developing a love for learning.  This supportive, orderly, success-oriented program encourages the development of academic competence, effective work habits, self-discipline, and self-esteem.
Home Schooling Instruction
  We offer two different types of home schooling programs. One that is made to help students catch up or advance in classes and one that offers full time schooling to replace going to a traditional school. Both these programs are made to help parents and students find the right balance for their schedule and needs. While home school classes can be offered in a one on one basis, we also have a smaller group setting for parents who would like their kids to have a support group.  Our programs are set up to work around your schedule and can be made into year around schedules.  We monitor and update parents on the progress and achievements of their student and help make the educational experience fulfilling for everyone involved.
By adapting schooling hours and style to your students' special needs, a problematic class at school can become a welcomed activity in our non-traditional school setting.  We can also work in conjunction with your district, and help adapt a curriculum that can be presented to your child in a suitable manner.  School credit can be given in such instances to meet requirements for graduation at different schooling levels. As part of our program, students can work between 10-30 hours a week, depending on the amount of homework that they are willing to put in into their homework. On average, most our home school students have finished their goals prior to the set date of departure from our program. In certain cases there have been students who have finished a large load of classes prior to their actual graduation date.
  Special Learning Needs
  Berkman Educational Services provides an integrated, simultaneous, multi-sensory approach to instruction which is designed to assist students in acquiring the skills they need to cope with their learning needs.  We see students benefiting from our small class sizes and personal attention, as reflected in our student's achievements.  Grounded in the belief that children are a precious gift, Berkman Educational Services can provide the assistance that dyslexic, attention deficit, aspergers, and other special learning needs students and their families may have.  With our student-centered programs, educational support and a developmental, hands-on approach, our students enjoy a variety of instructional styles for mild to severe learning disabilities.  We have a tradition of encouraging creativity and independent thinking, teaching a strong self-concept, and encouraging personal motivation, while moving at the child's learning pace.
Independent Study Programs
  Through direction and assistance, students can enroll and complete Independent Study courses in small groups or in a one on one basis.  Our apt teachers will advise students on time management in relation to class work completion, as well as teach the course material.  Our proctors then will provide supervision for the exams given in each course. We provide WASC approved and accredited courses that are accepted by your school district. Students can use this program to take continuating classes in place of summer schooling or make up a semester class in which they did not pass the minimum guidelines for advancement.
Educational Counseling and Curriculum Planning
  Kiana Berkman, the Owner and Educational Specialist can assist you in questions to help design a program for your child, such as planning curriculum, parental rights in education, and offering assistance and guidance to assure the success of your child's school experience. Working as a team to maximize learning potential is key to tackling the challenges faced by your children. Our staff will be available to meet with school counselors and teachers upon request to help find the best solution for your educational needs.

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Address and Phone Number
26895 Aliso Creek Rd. Suite B719 Aliso Viejo, CA, 92656

Website: Berkman Educational Services  Tutoring, Home Schooling, SAT Prep

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