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Orange County Lawyer

 The Law Offices of Phillip C, Lemmons was founded in 1998 with a vision to quickly deliver quality legal services in a professional manner. We are narrowly focused on two closely related areas of human relations law, Family Law and Estates & Trusts. Within those areas we handle everything from highly contested emotional disputes to common procedurally driven matters.
Address: Fountain Valley, CA, 92708    
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  Our attorneys and support staff work together as a team. Phillip C. Lemmons is the lead counsel on every case. Our associate attorney, Tracy Stevenson, handles most of the daily tasks in our wills and trusts matters and our legal assistants handle most of the daily tasks in our family law matters. Our team is organized, trained and focused on delivering outstanding legal services.   
  In the practice of law there is no substitute for efficient preparation. We use technology. Technology is more than an efficient means of communicating, it has transformed the way informed professionals practice law. From legal research, calendar management and day-to-day client transactions, to the efficient preparation of monthly statements, we rely on modern technology to quickly deliver quality services. We believe the use of technology benefits our clients as follows:   
  Improved communication channels serves as a transparent, but reliable, link between all members of our firm and each individual client.   
  Rapid turnaround through the use of electronic tools and resources.   
  Cost Effectiveness   
  Our approach saves time by building upon existing foundations for research and the creation of legal documents.   
  Work quality is improved with the application of constantly updated, improved or revised work product, software, and laws.   
  Instant access to reliable databases for monitoring ever changing laws, trends, opinions, and information in our practice areas.   
  We believe this approach helps us meet our goal of providing each client with quality legal services that are delivered in a timely, efficient, and professional manner.   
  Most of our clients are good, honest, hard working people. They expect competent representation, open communication, and follow through. Although most of our clients reside in the southern California area, we represent some who live in other states and countries.   
  Family Law  
  We accept all types of family law clients. Some of them want to file for divorce, some were served with papers from their spouses, others come after an unsatisfactory experience with their former attorney, or because they are having difficultly representing themselves. Finally, we have some clients who are seeking to modify or enforce their current orders   
  Wills and Trusts   
  Most of our wills and trusts clients are related to a decedent who left an estate. They may be heirs, relatives, beneficiaries, or just good friends. Many estate clients come to probate a will, to open probate without a will, or to contest a will. Our trust clients retain us to verify the validity of a trust, to challenge suspicious trusts, to remove trustees, to obtain accountings, to assert elder abuse claims and to otherwise right wrongs committed by trustees.

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10221 Slater Avenue Suite 106 Fountain Valley, CA, 92708

Website: Orange County Lawyer  attorney Phillip C. Lemmons, provides legal services in the areas of family law, wills, trusts, Divorce, Separation, Domestic Violence.

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