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Employment Attorney Services


Employment attorneys and labor lawyers in Los Angeles and California specializing in wrongful termination, workplace harassment, employment discrimination and wage and hour disputes.

Address: Los Angeles, CA, 90049    
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Website: Employment Attorney Services
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Employment Attorney Services is the leading California employment law firm based in Los Angeles and is comprised of experienced employment and labor attorneys. We represent both the employer and employee sides in employment and labor disputes, lawsuits, employment arbitration, and employment mediation. Employment Attorney Services brings a unique perspective to each employment litigation matter as it sees both sides of the picture, allowing it to anticipate and resolve the employment law issues of our clients - whether as the employer or as the employee.

Our expert California labor and employment lawyers handle claims and represent employees in various employment issues involving discrimination claims, workplace harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, wage and hour, overtime, and meal and rest break violations, among others. Our expert employment and labor attorneys also represent employers, helping them to prevent employment claims and lawsuits in preparation of anti-discrimination and harassment guidelines and being compliant with California employment and labor laws on minimum wage, meal and rest breaks, and overtime pay laws, among others. Our Los Angeles employment lawyers cover every facet of the employer-employee relationship including but not limited to preparation of employment agreements and employee handbooks, dealing with employment discrimination claims, and drafting or negotiating for severance packages.

Employment Attorney Services aims to help both employers and employees in various California employment and labor law issues, by providing them with professional and expert legal assistance on workplace issues and disputes. We help EMPLOYERS deal with employment issues, resolve disputes successfully and prevent future issues as well as provide EMPLOYEES with knowledge and protection of their California employee rights and represent them in various employment issues and cases. Through the skills, experience and knowledge of our California employment and labor lawyers we will attain our objectives to the satisfaction of our clients

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864 Teakwood Road Los Angeles, CA, 90049

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