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Landmark Valuation

Quality Valuation Services for all types of real estate, individually tailored to each client's specific needs. We offer appraisal services to individuals, corporations, accountants, attorneys, lenders, government agencies, State and Federal Courts, casualty and title insurance companies, and many others.
Address: Walnut Creek, CA, 94598    
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Website: Landmark Valuation
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We provide valuations on commercial and industrial properties throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, but also appraise agricultural and special purpose real estate throughout the greater Northern California marketplace in most circumstances. Call us and we'd be happy to discuss your valuation needs with you.
We also perform valuations of "going concerns" or business enterprise appraisals for special purpose properties, including assisted living facilities, car washes, nursing homes, gas stations, and hotels/motels. Mr. Hahn has taken the American Society of Appraiser's Business Valuation curriculum and has the education and training necessary to competently appraise both real estate and intangible business assets.
Special purpose properties frequently have unique uses that are integrally tied to the success of a business. The bricks and mortar of the real estate are necessary yet tied to the success of the business. The special purpose nature of the improvements cannot be easily moved yet are necessary for the continued success of the business enterprise. Establishing the contribution of the real estate and the going concern components of the property are important for a variety of situations including tax appeals and lending.
Careful analysis of a special purpose property's gross income can identify real estate and going concern components of the property. Landmark Valuation can provide detailed business enterprise valuations that can help with decision-making in a variety of situations. Contact us for more information.
Landmark Valuation utilizes the industry standard ESRI ArcView desktop software to manage and analyze real estate data. Geographical Information Software allows analysis of real estate and data in layers and with appropriate queries, many relationships between properties and a wide variety of variables can be analyzed and interpreted. GIS can aid in the selection of the best comparable sales, as well as determine appropriate adjustments for comparable sales.

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712 Bancroft Road #286 Walnut Creek, CA, 94598

Website: Landmark Valuation  Contact us for a quote for our services on your property.


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