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Dr. Albert Nejat, Foot Doctor

  Your feet are your body`s foundation, so, when your feet are in pain, it affects your entire body - taking the proper steps to treat foot and ankle pain you can restore your comfort and transform the way you feel. In some cases seeking treatment means getting surgery, however, you can find relief from many common foot problems through more conservative treatments such as medicine, orthotics, special shoes and physical therapy!
Address: Culver City, CA, 90232    
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Website: Dr. Albert Nejat
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  It`s not unusual for people to ignore foot and ankle pain. It`s so common, in fact, that many people believe that they just have to live with it. You don`t. And you can rest assured that when you do make that crucial decision to treat your foot or ankle pain, you will be thrilled with how comfortable you feel again. For some, foot treatment means being able to participate in certain activities again; for others, especially for some seniors, it means regaining a sense of independence. One thing`s for sure: With foot treatment, you can put your best foot forward â without aches, pains or injuries!  
  We provide a full-range of podiatric treatments to help you regain your comfort and independence:  
  Sports-Related Treatments
  Vigorous physical activity can sometimes cause foot and ankle pain. If you play sports and have any of the following conditions, we can help!
Ankle sprain 
  Joint pain 
  Stress fractures 
  Displaced fractures 
  for correction or comfort 
  Diabetes-Related Treatments
People with diabetes are prone to poor circulation and loss of protective sensation (LOPS), which makes them vulnerable to developing diabetic wounds and ulcerations. That is why yearly screenings, proper foot gear and foot care education are so important. Left undiagnosed and untreated, these conditions can lead to more severe complications, including the loss of a limb. 
  We offer the following services for diabetes-related foot conditions:
Yearly screenings (American Diabetes Association recommended) 
  Diabetic shoes and inserts 
  Neuropathy and circulation 
  Foot care education 
  Common Foot Treatments
  We customize treatments according to your medical history, lifestyle and the severity of your condition. 
  Heel pain 
  Ingrown toenails 
  Athlete`s foot 
  In addition, we also provide:
  Corrective devices for in-toe (pigeon-toe) and out-toe (duck-toe.)

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Address and Phone Number
9808 Venice Blvd Suite 600 Culver City, CA, 90232

Website: Dr. Albert Nejat  You Don`t Have to Live With Foot Pain

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