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Centre for Neuro Skills

Centre for Neuro Skills (CNS) offers each client the highest quality rehabilitation possible. The quality of the recovery matters most at CNS. Reaching the best possible outcome drives treatment planning and delivery for every client. The quality of life that follows treatment often depends on making the right placement decision.
Address: Encino, CA, 91436    
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Website: Centre for Neuro Skills
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Each member of the Centre for Neuro Skills staff is committed to doing all it takes, no matter how challenging, to help individuals with brain injury regain as much independence as possible.
CNS therapists are highly trained in working with persons who are brain injured. Several have close family members who have experienced brain injury. Their first-hand experience with the ups and downs of rehabilitation gives them an invaluable treatment perspective. They bring not only knowledge and experience, but also unique talents and compassion for understanding clients and helping them regain lost living skills.
Over 25 Years of Excellence in Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Founded in 1980, Centre for Neuro Skills (CNS) is an experienced and respected resource of rehabilitation programs for acquired brain injury. With facilities in Bakersfield and Los Angeles, California; and Dallas, Texas, CNS offers intensive, cost-effective and outcome-driven residential, outpatient, and in-home rehabilitation programs for individuals recovering from all types of acquired brain injury.
The purpose of all rehabilitation programs at CNS is to reduce disabilities while obtaining the maximum independence and best quality of life in the least restrictive setting for our clients.
Regaining a Rhythm of Living
Centre for Neuro Skills was created out of necessity. In 1971, a devastating brain injury left 21-year-old Steve Ashley completely disabled. Conventional medicine and available long-term care gave Steve no hope for recovery or regaining an independent life.
As the brother of Mark Ashley, CNS founder and president, Steve provided a personal opportunity for Mark to demonstrate what he had come to believe through successful work with other individuals with brain injuries that rehabilitation was possible. People locked inside the physical prison of brain injury could be given the keys to freedom through an intense program of therapy.
At Centre for Neuro Skills our bias for action is to do whatever it takes to return the person with a brain injury to the highest level of independence possible.
Individuals recovering from brain injuries are treated with respect and dignity. Ethical working relationships between CNS staff members, clients, and their families are the basis of all treatment and therapy. Not every client will regain the same level of function, but CNS is the place where individuals are rehabilitated to their fullest potential and given back a measure of control over their world.
At CNS, we believe that most survivors of brain injury, given the right therapy at the right time by experienced, involved professionals, can do more. They can regain a normal rhythm of living.
Programs for Living
Development of individual treatment plans at CNS is a team effort. Each treatment plan is based upon an exten-sive evaluation of the client’s medical history and current level of function. Representa-tives from all therapeutic areas contribute to creating the overall treatment plan.
CNS believes relearning skills lost to brain injury is best accomplished through real-life experiences in realistic surroundings. The overall goal is to re-establish the rhythm of living disrupted by the injury. In that way, skills relearned are easily practiced in daily life. The client works steadily towards successful re-entry into the community.
CNS clients live in comfortable, furnished apartments within the community, separate from the clinic. Clients apply newly acquired skills in home-like settings, and re-establish familiar daily rhythms of living. For example, rather than being served meals in a cafeteria, clients practice basic meal planning and preparation skills by preparing their own meals with the guidance of experienced therapists.
An important part of the CNS philosophy is continued concern for the long-term well being of clients. CNS takes an active role in helping clients maintain their newly acquired skills following completion of their rehabilitation plan. CNS staff remains available to clients and their families long after discharge for ongoing advice and support, whether it’s an experienced ear for listening or information for further care.

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16542 Ventura Blvd. #500, Encino, CA, 91436

Website: Centre for Neuro Skills  Centre for Neuro Skills (CNS) offers each client the highest quality rehabilitation possible.

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