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EIFS & Stucco Inspection & Forensic Services

EIFS & Stucco Inspection & Forensic Services, has provided consulting, inspection, testing and expert witness services on numerous Exterior Insulation and Finish System and Stucco projects. We have ten years of experience with both in-process and existing structure inspections. We will inspect individual steps of the installation process.
Address: Mill Valley, CA, 94941    
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Website: EIFS & Stucco Inspection
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Our inspections can be on a random or scheduled basis, as frequently as deemed appropriate for the project needs or on a per-diem basis. Field site observations on microbial contamination relating to building envelope moisture intrusion are duly noted.
We provide this service to owners, developers, property managers, condominium associations, potential buyers, insurance companies, law firms, appraisers, realtors and relocation services.
Our services:
Legal, Expert Witness, And Dispute Resolutions Services:  
EIFS & Stucco Inspection & Forensic Services, provides inspections and testimony as an expert witness in Construction Defect litigation cases as well as arbitration hearings and construction dispute mediation services.
Sealant/Waterproofing Inspections:
Two of the more important components of an exterior wall envelope are the sealants and flashings. As part of legal and expert witness services, we will inspect the in-process installation, existing or designed flashing and sealant details to help protect the building from water infiltration.
Moisture Instrusion Analysis:
With specialized equipment, moisture content can be located and analyzed within a typical EIFS structure. Locating moisture content in stucco is a bit more difficult and time-consuming, but it can be done. A written and photographic report documents the location and will attempt to identify the source of any moisture intrusion.
Plan Review For Eifs And Stucco:
We will review contract documents containing EIFS or stucco. The evaluation includes review of details and specifications with commentary. It is our role to offer opinion based upon experience, product knowledge and industry standards.
Scope Of Work (Repairs):
We will produce a delineated repairs/remediation plan that will bring your facility back to life. We can work with your architect to produce a realistic approach to problems within a given budget.

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302 Robin Road Mill Valley, CA, 94941

Website: EIFS & Stucco Inspection  We offer many affiliated inspection, investigation, and expert witness services.


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