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Mold Inspections & Lab Tests, Inc.

At Mold Inspections & Lab Tests, Inc., we respect the value of responsible inspections and tests. We work hard so our customers can have peace of mind after the successful completion of our services. We are a multi-functional, cohesive team, with outstanding skills and extensive experience in professional mold inspections.
Address: San Diego, CA, 92119    
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Website: Mold Inspections & Lab Tests
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The first Mold Inspections And Lab Tests done to your home are the most important. A Certified Mold Inspector will do a mold survey on the outside of your home to locate any possible problems of how water or moisture may enter your home.
Inside of Your Home:
We will do a visual survey of your home to look for obvious mold areas and with the highest state-of-the-art equipment we will be able to detect any problem areas that cannot be seen, such as between the walls, HV/AC vent ducts and under cabinets and floors. If not detected in the early stages, the colonies of mold will continue to grow and spread.
The best way to stop mold from growing and spreading is to eliminate the source of moisture and water.
We have special equipment that can locate and trace the source of moisture and water. In most cases, the homeowner can fix this problem once it is located. When the source of water and moisture is eliminated, the mold colony lays dormant but it does not die. Dormant mold may still be a health problem and even spread via bugs and insects, but as long as it doesn`t have a source of moisture or water it will not grow. This dormant mold should be lab tested to be determined if it is toxic mold or if any of these mold spores are airborne.
When samples are sent to the laboratory to be analyzed, we will receive back a report on all the types of molds that we are dealing with, the quantitative amount of mold spores per square inch that are wafting through the air, and health concerns if any that are associated with the types of mold found. It will also tell us if the quantitative spore count is elevated (an unhealthy environment) or low elevation (good environment).
Together with the lab results and the indoor and outdoor mold survey, the homeowner and mold inspector will have a better understanding of what we are dealing with.
Test samplings will need to be taken for laboratory analysis to determine what types of mold and to measure the amount of mold spores per square inch that you may be inhaling into your body.

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6353 Lake Como Avenue San Diego, CA, 92119

Website: Mold Inspections & Lab Tests  We will provide you with the best inspections possible.


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