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Lincoln Funding

Lincoln Funding is a full service mortgage company, offering a wide range of programs including first & second mortgages for purchasing or refinancing, home improvement loans, debt consolidation loans, and "cash in hand" loans for any reason. We can lend you up to 100% of the value of your home without any income documentation!
Address: Thousand Oaks, CA, 91362    
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Website: Lincoln Funding
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We will find the best possible loan program by funneling over 100 different nationwide lenders, all offering various niches and specialties, down to the one loan that best fits your needs.
Not only will you save money from the best loan program available, but you will also save valuable time and frustrations by allowing us to do the shopping for you.
By using the most up to date technology available in the mortgage industry, Lincoln Funding will deliver a speedy decision on the best program available that you qualify for. On conventional financing, we can provide an underwriting decision within minutes. Then comes the best part! We will search all lenders available for that product to find the best pricing in the market!
There are many factors considered when qualifying for a loan, such as:
Income, Loan to value, Stable employment, "Reserves", or "money in the bank", Credit.
Credit is only one part of the equation. We understand that everything doesn`t always go perfectly or "as planned". Sometimes there are a few "bumps in the road". If you are: purchasing a new home, in need of refinancing, would like to consolidate some bills, need cash for home improvement, or any other reason, we can help! We have some of the most aggressive programs in the country, so instead of thinking that your credit is holding you back, Pre-Qualify now and allow us to say "yes!"
Do you want to purchase a home but don`t have the down payment and can`t prove your income? This would normally be a big problem while applying for a loan. Not with us!
As long as your credit is in good shape, we can provide financing for up to 100% of the purchase price!
Do you need cash to consolidate some bills or to do some home improvements, but can`t qualify because of your income? No problem!
We have our over 50 "EZ-Qual" loan programs.

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Address and Phone Number
3625 East Thousand Oaks Blvd, Suite 220 Thousand Oaks, CA, 91362

Website: Lincoln Funding  Best possible loan programs


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