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 COP-A-TAN has state of the art equipment offering to the public the best tanning equipment money can buy, including the ORBIT VHP, Sungate, Ergoline and the Mystic Tan. We continuously attend industry expo's to keep up with the changes so as to lead our industry and not follow - COP-A-TAN carries only the finest lines of products, specifically California Tan Heliotherapy and Designer Skin, so as to educate the public in not only tanning but also in the importance of skin care.
Address: Santa Monica, CA, 90401    
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Website: COP-A-TAN
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 Steve, Kathy, and Scott, owners and operators of COP-A-TAN, have been in business within the indoor tanning industry since 1984. It is the love and joy of indoor tanning that keeps our dedication to the industry. Steve and Kathy have collectively built, owned and operated a total of 13 very successful salons.  
 The original COP-A-TAN was established in 1987 and through its success COP-A-TAN has grown to a very strong nine location chain. In 2005, COP-A-TAN expands again with COP-A-TAN 9 in Irvine. All COP-A-TAN locations are thriving, continuously growing and successful. It is a company goal to continue the growth of the COP-A-TAN chain throughout the So. California areas.   
 We are very proud of the reputation COP-A-TAN has achieved within the South Bay, surrounding areas and the industry. It is the longevity, stability, professionalism and cleanliness of COP-A-TAN that gives the public confidence in our service. We pride ourselves in our professional, friendly, trained, certified salons and staff. We are currently certified within the Smart Tan Network and International Suntanning Education Institute. Once again in 2005, COP-A-TAN was voted the best tanning salon in the South Bay for 15 years straight.   
 What is Mystic Tan? The Mystic Tan is designed to deliver a customized sunless tanning application to each customer based on their body size, skin type, and desired color. There are three tanning level options available to produce the optimal tanning results for each individual customer.   
 The Mystic Tan booth is a full-body, DHA tanning process that utilizes "MagneTan" technology, a revolutionary process that allows the booth to apply a uniform amount of tanning solution to all parts of the body. When the special Mystic Tan solution passes through the booth's nozzles, the particles of solution are polarized, taking on the characteristics tiny magnets.  
 MagneTan technology then uses the body's own magnetic properties to attract the solution particles to all surfaces of the skin.  
 Inside the Mystic Tan room the tanner simply disrobes and enters the booth. With the push of a button the session begins with a fine mist of Aloe Vera enriched Sunless-Tanning Solution being sprayed through the proprietary patented MagneTan nozzles.  
 When the tanning process is finished, the customer simply steps out of the booth, towel-off any excess mist, dresses, and exits. The result is a uniform, natural-looking tan in 60 seconds!

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4371 Glencoe Avenue Santa Monica, CA, 90401

Website: COP-A-TAN  We pride ourselves in outdor tannig for our professional, friendly, trained, certified salons and staff.

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