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Tan LA

 Your visiting the "Best Tanning Salon in Conejo Valley". We`ve got 2 Great locations to serve your tanning needs, and a full line of Products to meet your desired results.  Whether your getting ready to go on vacation or just want to give your skin that healthy glow, the staff at Tan LA looks forward to showing you why we`ve been 'Voted the best tanning salon in the Conejo Valley
Address: Thousand Oaks, CA, 91362    
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Website: Tan LA
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 "You deserve the very best," and that's what you'll discover when you visit one of our state of the art facilities. Tan LA has been under current ownership for 11 years and offers several different tanning systems, including the latest European technology developed by Dr. Muller, who's Orbit, Giant Sun, and Omega systems are gentler on the skin and provide a faster, more golden brown tan. For those of you who prefer sunless tanning we proudly offer the revolutionary Mystic Tan booth.  
 The Positive Effects of Tanning   
 Stress Relief:
 Exposure to sunlight is known to reduce the levels of adrenaline and noradrenalin released in the body, reducing overall stress level.   
 Alleviate skin disease:   
 Ultra-violet light has been used for years in the medical community to treat skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.   
 Cancer prevention:   
 One study showed that colon and breast cancer rates are three times higher in northern states like Vermont and New Hampshire than sunny states.   
 AIDS research:   
 Preliminary studies show that UV light is effective in increasing white blood cell activity and boosting the body's immune system.  
 Seasonal Affective Disorder:  
 In a 1993 study, 70% of patients with SAD showed improvement after light therapy, the only known cure for the "winter blues."  
 Exposure to bright light helps neutralize women's menstrual  
 Heart Rate:   
 UV light creates many of the same results as exercise - decreased blood pressure, lower resting heart rate, increased metabolism, and a 39% increase in the output of blood - lowering your risk of heart disease.   
 Overall well-being:   
 Research from the Harvard Medical School determined that exposure to UVA light can result in a significant rise in endorphin levels. Endorphins are natural opiates produced in the brain that are characterized by a feeling of well-being and a rush of energy. The pineal gland, located in the center of the brain, coordinates most of our life-sustaining functions based on the light information it receives. These light cues affect growth and development, body temperature, blood cell count, fertility and the immune system. Daily exposure to light also resets the circadian system, and the body's internal clock. This system is responsible for moods, appetite, energy levels, behavior, sexual desire, and productivity. This would also explain why doses of sunlight can lessen the effects of "jet lag!"

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1625 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. Thousand Oaks, CA, 91362

Website: Tan LA  Best Tanning Salon in Conejo Valley

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