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ABBA Employer Services

 ABBA Employer Services, Inc is a more complete personnel management system than a temporary help service or payroll service. The wide range of services are designed to deal with the ever-increasing burden of employee-related administration, providing freedom from many of the chores generally associated with the handling of employees. The leasing firm, ABBA Employer Services, Inc, becomes your personnel office and the employer of record under the IRS.
Address: Santa Maria, CA, 93458    
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Website: ABBA Employer Services, Inc.
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 What Is Employee Leasing?How would you like a way to have people work for you without the usual hassles of being the employer? Sounds great, you say. What is it?  
 It`s employee leasing, or professional employer services, and it`s a fairly simple concept. As an employer, you can enroll your employees in the payroll and benefit plans of our employee leasing firm. ABBA Employer Services, Inc. processes the payroll, makes the payroll deposits, maintains unemployment and workers` compensation benefits, and assists you with employee matters. You continue to supervise the employee, but now you can run your company without the usual nonproductive administration.  
 Complete Payroll Management  
 Paychecks Issued to Employees  
 Federal and State Payroll Taxes Paid  
 Workers` Compensation Insurance  
 Tax Reporting and Year-End W-2s  
 Labor Board Appearances  
 Immigration I-9 Compliance  
 Cobra Administration  
 Safety Compliance (Cal OSHA)  
 Alternative Solution to Independent Contractors  
 The IRS is not the only agency looking at independent contractors. The California Employment Development Department (EDD) has also increased its auditing. During the first year of the audit program, the IRS found as many as 92% of audited employers had misclassified their contractors. This can be expensive.  
 There Is a Solution  
 To avoid these problems, you can transfer your independent contractors to the ABBA Employer Services, Inc., payroll. ABBA Employer Services, Inc. will withhold payroll taxes and make the deposits to the government. By doing this, you can still enjoy the independence without the exposure of misclassified employees. In this one easy step, ABBA Employer Services, Inc. becomes the taxpayer for employment purposes, and many business owners are turning to ABBA Employer Services, Inc. to solve their independent contractor problems. Most business owners are aware that employer liability has increased 200 fold in the last decade. ABBA Employer Services, Inc. monitors workers` compensation claims and suggests ways to improve risk management. ABBA Employer Services, Inc. is involved as a team player, reviewing the changing employer rules and regulations.

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110 S. Pine St. Suite 103 Santa Maria, CA, 93458

Website: ABBA Employer Services, Inc.  ABBA Employer Services, a complete personnel management service


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