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Advance Recruitment Solutions, Inc.

At Advancee Recruitment Solutions, we make it our business to know the answers to your recruitment advertising questions and to anticipate questions you haven't yet asked. We know where, when, how and more importantly, why. Attract, retain and stimulate. These words summarize the goals our clients stress over and over.
Address: Redwood City, CA, 94063    
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Website: Advance Recruitment Solutions
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Advance Recruitment Solutions, Inc.
Attract, retain and stimulate
In the changing world of recruitment communications, the standards of business excellence are higher and more rigorous than ever. As an HR professional, you must find the best talent, screen the top candidates and make the right hire. The many methods of reaching your talent pool are constantly evolving. A simple "help-wanted" ad is not enough - not to reach the largest, most qualified audience. Beyond traditional print, you must consider the Internet, trade journals, radio & TV, events and collateral. The list grows, and so does your task to evaluate the media.
You need strong hires. You need your good people to stay productive and challenged. You need to partner with recruitment advertising experts who help you plan, anticipate and evaluate your outreach efforts.
At Advance, we are committed to the quality of service and experience you need. We bring years of refined skills in this arena, from print, to Internet, to internal communications. We understand the scope of today's recruitment advertising options. In partnership with our clients, we build a customized strategy for their unique industry.
Additionally, we help our clients anticipate their recruitment needs and plan their advertising accordingly. Our strategies typically cover a broad range of considerations, including events and conferences, diversity resources, college recruitment, and a variety of targeted, cost-effective avenues for outreach.
Our business philosophy is pretty simple: "more for less." More means doing whatever it takes to make our clients' recruitment efforts a success. It means sitting down with our clients, assessing their unique staffing needs and then prescribing a comprehensive strategy to meet those needs. It means branding our clients as a desirable employer, and then making sure their brand transcends all their advertising and collateral across all mediums. More means no voice mail and taking calls live whenever possible. It means staying late to complete projects, or hand delivering collateral to clients. It also means spending countless hours on media research to make certain that we remain on the pulse of both our business and our clients' businesses. More means following up with our clients on a regular basis to see how well their ads performed, and to make sure all their recruitment needs are met. Less means providing our clients with the best possible products and services for the least possible cost. It means not padding our expenses, or indiscriminately charging for nickel and dime fees that don't really exist. Less means that there are no surprises and that we always give our clients estimates for projects before we get started. It means not billing our clients for work they did not approve. Less means passing along any and all volume or frequency rate discounts to our clients. Less means treating our clients like we'd like to be treated . . . fairly and honestly.
The most valuable asset a busy staffing professional has is his/her time, and good agencies are aware of this. Regardless of the medium, it takes a significant amount of time to write, place and confirm an ad for an open job requisite. Agencies do all this work, and they tend to do it better and faster. Too, most agencies have existing relationships with the media, and they have the placement process down to a science (one phone call - one invoice, regardless of where the ad runs). This allows recruiters to focus on the more critical components of their job - screening, interviewing and hiring.

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652 Bair Island Road Suite 301, Redwood City, CA, 94063

Website: Advance Recruitment Solutions  At Advancee Recruitment Solutions, we make it our business to know the answers to your recruitment advertising questions.

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