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Dillard & Associates

Dillard & Associates is a career staffing resource provider that functions as an employment aid for growing companies. With our cutting edge technology and our excellent level of service, we're confident when saying, "We can create a resource solution to meet any company's staffing needs." Understanding that quality staffing extends far beyond an interview and a background check, we lend ourselves to countless hours of testing, training, evaluating and mentoring our applicants for success.
Address: Anaheim, CA, 92806    
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Website: Dillard & Associates
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Dillard & Associates
Proudly to say, our referrals are amongst some of the most skilled applicants that the market has to offer, with a proven track record of quality performance. We have been serving Southern California, since 1997 and we know that the needs of each client and applicant are unique. We take pride in being able to furnish employment opportunities to thousands of people and accurately matching our candidates with our clients’ job requirements and work environment. So, whether you are in need of additional staffing or the job seeker anticipating the next step in your career, we can provide the solutions that are right for you! Here, at Dillard & Associates, with our dependable personnel, outstanding customer service and commitment to providing quality referrals, we're certain you'll find your staffing experience to be a pleasurable one.
The Mission
Performance is one of the most essential elements for both companies and individuals alike. Companies, today, are looking for the best the market has to offer. Accountability, commitment, self-starters and innovative individuals are no longer a desire, but a must. Finding that individual who embodies all of these attributes and possess the skills necessary to perform the job at hand has proven at times to be difficult. But, not only are companies feeling the pressures of finding qualified individuals to add to their team, prospective employees are finding it just as difficult to find companies whose business foundation remains grounded with integrity, quality, customer satisfaction and concern for its employees and their families.
The Vision
Dillard & Associates envisions itself becoming the 1st choice provider of a comprehensive, relevant range of Human Resource solutions for both companies and candidates alike.  As we look confidently to the future, we embrace our own responsibilities in helping secure working relationships for our partners.  
The Passion
Dillard & Associates was founded by Mr. Marcus & Mrs. Jessica Dillard, in 1997, as a resume writing service. Then residing in Brea California, Mr. & Mrs. Dillard found themselves constantly approached by friends and family members seeking assistance in their quest to secure gainful employment.  Both, having worked in various capacities of management, Mr. & Mrs. Dillard felt they could render their expertise in the hiring process. Having only been married 2yrs and working from a limited amount of resources, Mr. & Mrs. Dillard found they lacked 1 essential element in getting this service up and operative, a computer. Refusing to allow the lack of owning a computer impede their progress, they spent countless hours interviewing applicants, providing interviewing coaching techniques, handwriting resumes and then transferring the handwritten draft onto computer software at the local library or at an acquaintance home of whom they were visiting. In the span of 3yrs Dillard & Associates worked to establish, legalize and affiliate themselves respectfully throughout its community. In 1999, Dillard & Associates became licensed with the city of Corona as a resume writing service. Eager to learn its new community, became members of the Riverside Chamber of Commerce (Riverside, CA) and the Orange County Black Chamber of Commerce (Santa Ana, CA). In 2000, Dillard & Associates was invited as a prime vendor of choice to participate in the annual “Black History Parade” held in Santa Ana, CA. Their staff members had the opportunity to speak with individuals across all age groups on the importance of education and prepping for the career of choice.

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3488 E Orangethorpe Ave. Anaheim, CA, 92806

Website: Dillard & Associates  Dillard & Associates is a career staffing resource provider that functions as an employment aid for growing companies.


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