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Design Partners

 Design Partners are experts in creating products for international brands, we work with clients to energise each brand, often to revolutionise the market. As designers, we push the boundaries of each product, as realists, we understand brand goals, brands in the consumer, communications and healthcare sectors. In Europe and the US.  We believe that even the most complex technology can be translated into a simple design solution. One that balances form and function. One that people love to use.
Address: Concord, CA, 94518    
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Website: Design Partners
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 Design is a creative process. It is also a discipline that requires organisation, tools and teamwork.  
 The design work for your product is a series of creative steps from the very first product idea right through to the first day of production. We use a unique set of tools and techniques to maintain both creativity and efficiency. Our goal is to help you fully realise your vision and to participate fully in the creation of your own product.  
 We plan your project with you from the start. We work with you on defining the design brief. We agree a clear plan with clear deliverables and clear responsibilities. We agree a timetable and stick to it.  
 Each project is managed right through to first day of production by our team of 20 designers, model makers and engineers. The latest technology means that we achieve precision, quality results and faster time to market. We always take a practical, hands-on approach to creating our products.  
 We provide in-house engineering as needed and we manage each project right through to mass production. We always take a practical, hands-on approach.  
 Design Partners use the best technology available. We have the right techniques and resources, the communication and management expertise. We use Pro-E for detail design and final definition. We use the latest CNC technology so that we can rapidly realise all designs to the highest levels of accuracy possible. We have our own prototype workshop in a purpose-designed facility.  
 Our clients are companies who know that design is a brand necessity. Who believe, like us, that excellent products build strong, differentiated brands. We listen to our clients and care about their brands. We value good working relations. We work with diverse teams in different geographical locations. After twenty years, we know our business.

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930 Detroit Ave Concord, CA, 94518

Website: Design Partners  we know our business.


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