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Cosmetic Industries, Inc.

 Since 1993 Cosmetic Industries, Inc, a family owned business, has specialized in silk screening and filling liquid products in glass and plastic containers ranging from 1/8 oz (3,75ml) up to 4 oz (120ml). Today Cosmetic Industries, Inc has grown to be the largest contract nail polish filling operation on the West Coast. You can depend on Cosmetic Industries, Inc for top quality container decorating and filling.
Address: Fontana, CA, 92337    
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Website: Cosmetic Industries, Inc.
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 Cosmetic Industries, Inc. has an on site lab that manufactures high quality nail polish and treatments for our private label customers. We have created over 600 colors using the highest quality base and colors. Our polish formula contains no formaldehyde, toluene, or DHP. We will custom blend colors as well. Cosmetic Industries, Inc also offers a full line of nail treatments and cuticle oils.  
 Cosmetic Industries, Inc. also carries a full line of top quality components for the cosmetic industry and stocks a vast array of glass bottles, plastic containers, caps and brushes in a variety of sizes in our warehouse available for immediate delivery or production. All components stocked in our facility are imported from Europe or manufactured here in the United States.  
 Both U.S. Filling and Packaging and Container Decorating Services are subsidiaries of Cosmetic Industries, Inc. We use the most sophisticated equipment for consistent high quality, high volume and fast turnaround. In addition to silk screening and filling, we offer hot stamping on plastic caps, manufacturing pressure sensitive labels, application on containers and special package assembly.  
 Cosmetic Industries, Inc decorates glass or plastic containers and caps utilizing state-of –the-art fully automated/robotic printing machines and conveyorized ovens. Our decorating method includes hot firing of inks onto glass containers. The containers are hot fired after silk screening anywhere from 300 F to 600 F for up to 25 minutes. The inks used in our decorating process are chemically resistant, making it ideal for the cosmetic and related industries.  
 We also offer four color UV printing and hot stamping on plastic containers.  
 Cosmetic Industries, Inc. uses fully automated filling machines, capping machines, and batch coding machines that can fill glass or plastic containers from 1/8 oz. (3.75 ml) to 4 oz. (120ml). Our filling department can also fill larger sizes depending on the product.  
 We specialize in filling flammable liquid products and are capable of filling a large quantity of containers per day. The state-of-the-art filling technology developed by Cosmetic Industries, Inc. offers optimum filling yields on a consistent basis. All containers filled at Cosmetic Industries, Inc. under go extensive quality control check points during and after the manufacturing process.  
 Cosmetic Industries, Inc utilizes the best high speed label manufacturing and application machinery available. Our label manufacturing machinery can print up to three colors and produce pressure sensitive labels to create various graphic effects. We produce high quality UPC labels. In addition to manufacturing and applying labels for commercial clients, we provide contract labeling for trade customers.

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13489 Slover ave. Fontana, CA, 92337

Website: Cosmetic Industries, Inc.  Excellence in container decorating and filling


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