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AlterMax Alterations

At AlterMax Alterations we believe you can get professional, friendly, and fast service at inexpensive prices. You can wear your new clothes on the same day at no extra charge. Clothing alterations are our specialty and we backed with 35 years.
Address: Laguna Hills, CA, 92653    
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Website: AlterMax Alterations
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AlterMax Alterations
Why Clothing Alterations are expensive and delayed? Well it shouldn't be! We provide professional services on slacks, jeans, shirts, blouses, jackets, suits, gowns, etc...
We want your business not your money; that is why you will always get an honest opinion and we will never take a job that we cannot handle.
AlterMax's mission is to provide a new standard in the alterations business. We can provide a faster, friendlier and cheaper service to our customers without sacrificing the quality of our work.
We are proud to announce that most of our alterations job are done on the same day (same hour in most cases); why wait for days when it can be done now. We have the technology, machinery and knowledge to make it happen. We are able to handle most, if not all, types of clothing alterations and repairs.
- Slacks
- Dresses
- Shirts
- Activewear Clothing
and more...
Expert Tailoring:
On suits, tuxedos, and blazers we provide the following services:
- Shortening Sleeves
- Shortening Coat
- Drop Collar
- Coat Sides, Back
- Relining
- Buttons
and more...
All started in 1965 when our Chief Tailor, Robert Jurado Sr., came to the United States from Durango, Mexico. He worked in Los Angeles Downtown area. He worked hard to learn the tailoring business and after few years of successful training and excel, he decided to return to Durango Mexico to open his own boutique store BrendaBella. Within few months, he realized that customers were asking for clothing alterations. After following the need, in 1975, BrendaBella become an alteration shop. In the upcoming years, he perfected the technique, sped up the process, and made it more efficient to charge less which became BrendaBella's qualities.
Clothing alterations should be done right, fast and cheap; it should not cost what you pay for the clothing.
That's our philosophy! We want you to buy or repair any clothing and feel confident that it will not cost more than the current value of the clothing. We can do it right because we have the experience and knowledge of the clothing business, specially the alteration business. We can do it fast because have the technique and the proper equipment to do it all. We can do it cheaper, because we have the proper crew to speed up the alteration process. We can do all these without sacrificing the quality of our work. Quality comes before revenue. Our expectations are high and our customers should only receive quality work. That is why we will never take a job that we cannot handle. We would never charge you for a job that we cannot accomplish. If you are not satisfied with our work, please come back, we will make it better!
Don't conform to your clothes; alter your clothes to fit your style.

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24155 Laguna Hills Mall Ste 1840A, Laguna Hills, CA, 92653

Website: AlterMax Alterations  Clothing Alterations and Repairs for all family members.

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