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Geoffrey`s Diamonds


Welcome to Geoffrey`s Diamonds, a premier California jewelry store, where we are all about the 4 C`s. These are not the 4 C`s you hear about at your typical jewelry store, although we can help you master those as well. Our 4 C`s are much more important to you. You will feel cared for the minute you enter our store.

Address: San Carlos, CA, 94070    
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Website: Geoffrey`s Diamonds
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The "4-C`s" are used throughout the world to classify the rarity of diamonds. Diamonds with the combination of the highest 4-C ratings are more rare and, consequently, more expensive.
From the complimentary cleaning and refinishing of your jewelry, to our unique atmosphere, you will feel "at home" and important.
You buy jewelry for a lifetime. You want to buy from someone who displays the character to treat you honestly. We are not looking to sell jewelry. We are looking to build life long relationships.
We can put it into material reality. You`ll be given several options from our staff, even if it means you listen to us bicker our way through the decision to your benefit. Whether you are an artist or an engineer, we will execute your creation with precision and finesse.
Due to our unique and comfortable atmosphere, most of our customers become customers for life. Many times customers come to the store to share stories, tell jokes, gossip or just say hello. We believe a true relationship involves the whole person, not just the purchase of merchandise. Become part of the Geoffrey`s community.
Jewelry can be done "correctly" without the aloofness and staid attitude that permeates our industry.
Many of our customers come in from once a week to once a quarter to get their jewelry cleaned and refinished. This includes polishing and checking stones for tightness at no charge. Do you keep your car cleaned, maintenanced and tuned up? This is how we feel about checking your jewelry. Plus, you get the added bonus of entertainment and cheap counseling.
We feel confident in saying that you will never walk into another jewelry store like ours. Your experience in our store will be memorable. From our staff to our entertaining environment, we want to you relax, have fun and, most importantly, we want you to know that you can stop in at any time and always get more out of our relationship then you ever thought a jeweler would provide.

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626 Walnut St., Suite 212 San Carlos, CA, 94070

Website: Geoffrey`s Diamonds  Diamonds and Goldsmith

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