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Kocek Jeweler


Diamonds and pearls, rubies and sapphires - these are all exotic and alluring stones that everybody would love to wear or own. Picture them on you, because you can have one of those beautiful stones at a fraction of the normal price. Custom jewelry isn`t only for Hollywood actresses, it is also for you.

Address: Carmel By the Sea, CA, 93921    
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Website: Kocek Jeweler
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At Kocek Jeweler we want you to have your own stunning jewelry to help you shine wherever you go.
Our specialty at Kocek jewelers is providing superb jewelry without sacrificing quality. We have been in the jewelry industry for over 47 years, so you are not just getting secondhand products, you are getting the best.
At Kocek Jeweler our goal is not the ordinary, it`s the extraordinary. We know that no two stones are the same, so our stones are custom made to fit you and your personality. We don`t cut corners to save time, we painstakingly create your jewelry so it stands out and you can proudly show it off.
We work with you, whether you have a design in mind, or if you`d like us to design something for you, we will work hard to transform all your ideas and specifications into stunning realities.
If you are looking for that extra spark and a unique design for your jewelry, call Kocek Jeweler!
We work with a variety of precious stones to craft something that suits your personal style without breaking the bank. Custom jewelry does not have to be expensive, so we work with you to find the perfect fit. No detail will be left out to to create the perfect anniversary gift, wedding proposal, or a present for that special someone - every detail is crucial.
Our staff of expert jewelers knows their stuff, so you can feel safe knowing you are getting the best stones. We are proud members of the Carmel Chamber of Commerce, the Professional Association of Jeweler Appraisers, and the National Society of Appraisers to show our commitment to quality.
We offer various services not limited to:
Custom Jewelry Work
We work with different types of stones
Precious Stones
Semi Precious Stones
Call us today for your complimentary consultation.

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Address and Phone Number
P.O.Box 6057 Carmel By the Sea, CA, 93921

Website: Kocek Jeweler  Superb Jewelry

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