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Foot Solutions

At Foot Solutions our professional staff specializes in proper shoe fitting in conjunction with the use of custom orthotics. Foot Solutions carry an extensive line of comfort, casual, walking, athletic and dress shoes for both men and women, most of which can accommodate full-length Custom Arch Supports.
Address: Los Angeles, CA, 90064    
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Website: Foot Solutions
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We have helped thousands of people to achieve pain free lifestyles with the use of custom arch supports - considered to be the most effective method of helping alleviate most foot, knee and low back pain symptoms, along with shoes that are properly fit to each customers feet and unique lifestyle circumstances.
Foot Solutions CBA`s - Custom Biomechanical Arch Supports do not simply temporarily mask symptoms like typical custom orthotics; they address the cause of the pain. CBA`s are the only calibrated custom othotics on the market, designed with an individuals body weight, foot flexibility, and activity level in mind. By restoring arch height and function, CBA`s create true biomechanical shock absorption thus helping to reduce or eliminate most foot, knee, hip, and back pain.
Below is a list of common conditions CBA`S can help reduce or eliminate.
Plantar Fasciitis
Hallux Rigidus
Shin Splints
Hip Pain (IBS)
Low Back Pain
Knee Pain
We carry great lines of athletic, walking, and running shoes as well as some of the best fitness footwear being made from Chung Shi, Spring Boost, Spira and MBT walking shoes.
Chung Shi presents an innovative shoe concept with a built in "Pilates-System".
The Chung Shi balance step is a patented health shoe which makes walking and running more dynamic. The entire range of shoes is based on a curved sole that angles 15 degrees at the toe and heel for level I, and 20 degrees for level II. This curved sole makes for improved posture, muscle toning and core stability.
Each step with the Chung Shi balance-step is a step towards increasing your health and well-being.
The benefits of wearing the Chung Shi balance-step are:
Strengthening of the deep muscular system and increasing core stability
Improving body posture
Lengthening the vertebral column
Supports a natural walking gait
Increased blood circulation in the feet and legs - reducing appearance of cellulite
Strengthens the connective tissues of the ankle and knee joints

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Address and Phone Number
10873 W. Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA, 90064

Website: Foot Solutions  An Extensive Line Of Comfort, Casual, Walking, Athletic And Dress Shoes

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