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Italian Cemetery

The Italian Cemetery became a stand-alone nonprofit corporation administered by a board of directors of Italian-American businessmen. Any profits from the operation of the cemetery are directly reinvested into the upkeep of the property and new construction. The Italian Cemetery offers a complete range of services in a non-sectarian setting.
Address: Colma, CA, 94014    
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Website: Italian Cemetery
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The Italian Cemetery mausoleums have been acclaimed in various architectural publications as well as in the print media for their uniqueness and design beauty.
Founded in 1858, the Beneficenza's function was to provide medical care and death benefits to a membership largely made up of immigrant Gold Rushers. But although burial services had always been a part of the equation, it was not until 1899 that the Beneficenza was able to establish a cemetery of its own for members. Most of them lived in San Francisco but with the city enacting a policy of relocating burial grounds outside its limits just then, the new Italian cemetery was set up, along with many others, in the little town of Colma.
Although the funds to establish the cemetery came from the Beneficenza and its first concern was to provide a service to members, the cemetery welcomes all faiths and nationalities. Many nationalities are drawn by their feeling of kinship with the Italian Cemetery's Catholic, Latinate ambience. Likewise, inter-marrying Italians have brought in Irish, Anglo-Saxon, and Spanish or Tagalog-speaking cultures.  
The looks of the ground have also evolved over the years. The first building on the property, completed in 1904, was the Receiving Vault, designed by the architect John A. Porporato. Its purpose was to provide temporary storage of coffins until relatives of the deceased had the chance to build a permanent tomb or family chapel.
The move augured well for the future, leading the way for additional building construction on the grounds. While the first mausoleum was erected in 1956, five new other mausoleums have been constructed since then. More recently a thriving town of Colma has redone the old F Street dirt road into an old-fashioned red-bricked thoroughfare, complete with elegant turn-of-century-style street lamps. The Italian Cemetery has developed into an integral part of the vibrant, and ethnically diverse Bay Area community.
Our services:
Traditional Ground Burial
Entombments in both Indoor Mausoleums and Outdoor Garden Mausoleum
Inurnments in both Indoor and Outdoor Cremation Niches
A Children's Burial Section
Two Receiving Chapels for Committal Services
Cremation Services
Indoors with a Marble Front
Indoors with a Glass and Brass Front
Outdoors with a Granite Front

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Address and Phone Number
540 F Street Colma, CA, 94014

Website: Italian Cemetery  Cemetery welcomes all faiths and nationalities

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