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Custom Comfort Mattress

  In the 1980`s the Trudell brothers decided it was time to start their own company. They pooled their savings and opened their first mattress factory in Santa Ana, California with the commitment of restoring a craftsmanship approach to mattress construction. Today, as in the beginning, the Trudells remain committed to craftsmanship and superior, friendly service.
Address: Mission Viejo, CA, 92649    
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Website: Custom Comfort Mattress
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  Your complete satisfaction is our goal.  To achieve this goal we are attentive to every detail in the manufacture process.  We use superior materials in the construction of our mattresses.  We use methods of construction long abandoned by our competitors.  We value old-world craftsmanship which creates a durable mattress that is built to last.  
  We go beyond the cosmetic exterior and show you from the inside out what our mattresses are made of.   
  Get Physical.  
  Don`t buy your mattress sight unseen, by phone or through the Internet.  You must go in and lay down on one to get the true feeling.  We can show you the quality and you can tell us your comfort preference.  
  Get Below the Surface.  
  It`s imperative that the mattress buyer sees what is in the mattress.  The physical make up and the types of materials and upholstery work in the mattress and box will let the consumer know what sort of quality they are receiving for the dollar they are spending.  Don`t judge a mattress by the cover; make the sales person show you what`s inside.  
  Sale or Value?  
  Just because it`s on sale doesn`t mean it`s a good deal.  Most mattress stores use sales as a way to generate excitement and get customers through their doors.  Be wary of these tactics.  Just because an item is on sale doesn`t necessarily make it a good value.  
  Details Count.  
  If you purchase a queen or king set, the frame should have a center support.  King and queen size mattresses feel better and last longer with the proper frame.  An inferior frame could take precious years away from the life of your mattress.  
  We believe that hard work, commitment to success and honesty are essential in life as in business.  Our message to consumers is clear and concise, emphasizing the integrity of our company, the quality of our mattresses and the professional service we provide.  
  Up to 28 different mattress types are made and sold to cater to your comfort.

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23871 Via Fabricante, Mission Viejo, CA, 92649

Website: Custom Comfort Mattress  We feel confident that once you`ve seen what`s inside each mattress the choice will be clear.

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