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Our Feathered Friends

  Our Feathered Friends has been serving San Diego for more than twenty years. From the beginning we were committed to providing the healthiest and most loving exotic birds possible - our store has over 7000 square feet of birds, cages, seed and supplies, as well as one of the largest boarding facilities in Southern California. When visiting San Diego be sure to stop by and visit!
Address: San Diego, CA, 92120    
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Website: Our Feathered Friends
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  With over 25 years in San Diego, we have been able to become one of Southern California`s largest and most respected Exotic Bird Stores. Our Feathered Friends handles a large variety of exotic birds including, macaws, cockatoos, amazons, African greys, as well as a selection of small birds including cockatiels, lovebirds , finches and more.  
  You can watch baby birds just beginning to experiment with the world around them: cracking their first seeds, investigating new toys, anxiously awaiting the baby feeder to spoon-feed them in order to fall asleep satisfied with a full crop of food.  Many of the baby birds in our nursery are from our own aviaries. Our Feathered Friends offers the most complete bird stores, with exotic birds, cages, from some of the finest names in the business like California Cages and Island Cages , seed ,toys and supplies for all your birds needs. Be sure to visit us when you are in the area!  
  Getting Ready for the breeding season!  We have everything you need to raise exotic birds. Supplies, Nest Boxes. Taking any vacation time? We have the best boarding facility in San Diego to take care of your feathered friend while you are away. Boarding  
  As with keeping up with our theme of things with wings. We recentley took a trip to Morelia Mexico. It is in the southern part, a couple hours driving time from Mexico City. We went to see the winter resting place for the Monarch Butterflies. We also offer the most premier baby bird nursery anywhere.  
  Our breeding farm is located in a beautiful rural atmosphere, with scenic mountain views, shade trees, and experienced and loving caretakers to attend to their every need.  Each pair is allowed flight space and an extensive diet of fresh seeds, pellets, and a variety of fruits and veggies to insure the best of nutrition and health. Our wonderful hand-fed babies are lovingly cared for from birth and have imprinted on humans from the time their eyes first open.

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4420 Rainier Ave. San Diego, CA, 92120

Website: Our Feathered Friends  - San Diego`s largest bird store.

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