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Catnip Cathouse


Catnip Cathouse - for the best cat lodging,cat boarding,cat accommodations,cat resort,cat sitting,cat sitter,pet resort,pet care,cat motel,pet boarding kennels visit

Address: Santa Cruz, CA, 95065    
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Website: Catnip Cathouse
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This is a great place to bring your cats for their vacation.. and it's right here in Santa Cruz It's the Catnip Cathouse ..the deluxe little 'motel' for cats only - for only $20 per night we provide complete peace of mind for you and for your cats while you're away in hospital, on vacation, or perhaps just having your house tented.... Secure, safe and loving care for your cat in a quiet, safe, private home setting - few other cat resorts can equal us.

Cat boarding, cat sitting, cat loving - we're a deluxe, exclusive cat resort - that's what we do. We have some Special Features that most others don't have: Private rooms with webcams everywhere- so you can visit your cat online while you're away! Even from a hospital bed!cat-approved Pussycat TV! - showing continuous 4-hour loop of films we made of mice, birds etc. Outdoor garden rooms - safe day-rooms all their own for fresh air, squirrel and bird-watching in total peace. Actively vented enclosed cat litter boxes - absolutely no smell at our cat resort, for your cat or us. Round-the clock entertainment at our cat resort -

Peaceful music, live birds to watch and animal TV, games to play. Comfortable, cozy and warm feel - no metal cages, stark fluorescent lighting and concrete floors here - this is luxurious! Boarding for cats only - no dogs. So your pussycat can relax. Also no strays, no sick cats stay here. Pickup and delivery service door-to-door available** ** We charge $20 for pickup or delivery within 10 miles. Other examples: $25 for Watsonville, $30 for Salinas, Pajaro Valley.

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885 Prospect Heights Santa Cruz, CA, 95065

Website: Catnip Cathouse  

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