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Enjoy Your Fish

  We have 38 years experience in aquarium maintenance and are accomplished Aquarists. Our goal is to maintain your aquarium, keeping your fish healthy and the aquarium looking absolutely awesome. Mike Loncaric, the owner and founder of Absolutely Awesome Aquarium is an expert on the care and maintenance of a healthy aquatic environment. We also offer a fish exchange program.
Address: Santa Clara, CA, 95050    
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Website: Enjoy Your Fish
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  We offer wide variety of tropical, fresh water and marine fish. Also available are turtles, frogs, and various invertebrates, as well as plants, live rock, coral, sterilized ocean water, and speciality foods and water treatment products.  
  There are medical benefits to having fish in your home or place of business. Many cardiologists have been prescribing aquariums for their heart patients. Because the presence of an aquarium lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and decreases the pulse rate. Many people, especially in the Asian community, believe fish bring good luck or fortune. Aquariums also have a relaxing effect on clients at a place of business and a calming effect on all people, especially children. Besides the beautiful environment they create by being placed in a lobby, waiting room, office, home, or your own backyard garden pond with fountain, they also provide a great educational experience for children of all ages.  
  Of particular interest to the serious fish enthusiast:  
  Wild caught Africans - Tanganyikans & Malawians  
  Discus - rare strains   
  Arowanas - South American & Australian   
  South American Cichlid   
  Rare Plecostomus   
  Exotic Goldfish - Ranchu, Orandas, Ryukin   
  Imported show quality Koi   
  Net caught marine fish   
  Our natural portable state of the art mechanical-anitchemical, and ultraviolet water treatment process is available to your place of business or home. Polishing your water and making the required conditions for your healthy bio-system absolutely awesome. Our goal is to maintain your aquarium, koi pond, or water garden, keeping your fish healthy and the installation looking beautiful. We carry all-glass aquarium products, Oceanic Systems, Inc. and Tru Vu, as well as all top-of-the-line accessories. We also offer all foods, including the latest "New Life Spectrum" premium fish foods for all species.

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63 Washington St. Santa Clara, CA, 95050

Website: Enjoy Your Fish  Aquariums, Aquarium Maintenance, Koi Ponds, Service, Sales, Custom Design, and Installation

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