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La Quinta Pharmacy

La Quinta Compounding Pharmacy is a personal and professional specialty pharmacy focused on improving patient care utilizing the skills of the ancient Art of compounding with the modern technology of the Science of compounding. When medications problems arise, La Quinta Compounding Pharmacy is here to help. There are several reasons why compounding pharmacists are called upon to customize prescription medications by compounding "from scratch."
Address: La Quinta, CA, 92253    
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Website: La Quinta Pharmacy
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La Quinta Pharmacy
The most important being patient noncompliance. There are many reasons for noncompliance which can be addressed by the compounding pharmacist including, but not limited to: allergies to dyes, preservatives or fillers, a needed strength is not marketed, a medication is no longer manufactured, a neded drug is currently unavailable, the patient is unable to swallow, the flavor is not acceptable to the patient. Many drugs can be combined to reduce daily dosage scheduling and many medications can be made in a wide spectrum of unique delivery systems, such as sublingual tablets, troches and lozenges, suppositories, cream, lotions and suspensions for those who cannot swallow capsules or tablets. Compounding is practiced using a three-pronged approach. This essential "Triad" relationship is a team effort between the Physician, the Patient and the Compounding Pharmacist. The doctor examines, diagnoses and prescribes treatment. The compounding pharmacist then prepares a formula that meets the exact requirements of your doctor's prescription and the specific needs of the patient. This enables you to receive the type of personalized care that you deserve and allows me, an independent community compounding pharmacist, the opportunity to provide superior, patient-oriented service.
Natural Healing Products
The way that you live has everything to do with your health. La Quinta Pharmacy has a broad selection of natural products for alternative and complimentary therapies which include Herbal Medicines, Nutritional Support Products, Homeopathic Products, Alternative Medicine and more. Whether you are looking for a healthy body, mind or spirit, we have what you need.
Pediatric Compounding
Working closely with La Quinta Compounding Pharmacy, your child's pediatrician can prescribe medications for pain relief, respiratory disorders, oral thrush, diabetes, head lice, diaper rash, cold sores/fever blisters and more. Contemporary pharmaceutical compounding includes medication in pleasing flavors and forms, such as popsicles, "gummy bears" or lollipops. This is great for kids who don't like taking medicine.
Veterinary Compounding
As any pet owner is well aware, animals may be extremely difficult to treat with medications. Cats are notorious for refusing to swallow a pill and will usually eat right around one disguised in food. Dosages can be tricky with dogs too - a medication that works on an 80-pound Golden Retriever is far too much for a six-pound Yorkie to handle. La Quinta Compounding Pharmacy can prepare prescription orders for any medication which is not commercially available.
Hospice Compounding
The skills and caring of a knowledgeable pharmacist, along with physician services to attend to a patient's medical needs, are necessary to provide symptom control and pain relief in an end-of-life situation. Pharmacy compounding is a practical and compassionate way to meet these needs.
Dental Compounding
Due to its variety of patients, dentistry is an ideal arena for compounded medications. From and eight-year-old getting a cavity filled to an eighty-year-old fitted for dentures, no two patients are alike in their needs. Working closely with La Quinta Compounding Pharmacy, your dental practitioner can prescribe medications for anxiety, pain relief, crown preparations, dry socket treatments, fluoride treatments, gum disease, plaque removal, ulcers, canker sores and even tooth whitening.

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78-150 Calle Tampico #103, La Quinta, CA, 92253

Website: La Quinta Pharmacy  La Quinta Compounding Pharmacy is a personal and professional specialty pharmacy focused on improving patient care.


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