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Mission Pipe Shop

Mission Pipe Shop is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, serving North and South Bay customers for 20 years. Our staff is friendly and competent, ever-at-the-ready to serve their customers. Armed with an arsenal of knowledge and good-humor, our staff is what makes your trip to Mission Pipe the memorable experience it should be.
Address: San Jose, CA, 95128    
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Website: Mission Pipe Shop
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Mission Pipe Shop
For those of us at Mission Pipe Shop, pipe smoking is more than a passing interest - it is a source of great joy. While we take great pleasure in rare and collectable pipes, exotic tobaccos and the arcane knowledge of pipe smoking, we receive a special delight in introducing and nurturing a beginner into the sublime joys of pipe smoking. Mission Pipe Shop carries a plentiful selection of the standard brands of popular priced pipes as well as one of the very finest selections of rare handmade masterpieces to be found. Not only do we feature many of our own custom blended tobaccos and a large array of imported tins, we offer a full range of basic blending tobaccos as well as an extensive list of custom blends which have been developed over 30 years of business. You will always find a friendly, understanding and patient staff that is always eager to discuss pipe smoking and the singular world of pipes.
Mission Pipe Shop Aromatic Blends
- #105 is a Danish Cavendish containing a Chocolate and Mint Flavor. Full Aromatic
- #600 is a Danish Cavendish which is all Black Smooth Toasted Cavendish. # 600 is Medium Strength. Full Aromatic
- Baclava is a rich fragrant blend of #600 and the highest grades of Virginias and Carolinas seasoned with a hint of Oriental and Burley-Virginia Cake Cavendish. It is topped with a delicate honey-nut aroma. Medium Aromatic
- Best Black contains some Green River Toasted Black Cavendish which provides a medium strength mixture with great vanilla flavor and aroma.This mixture contains both Domestic & Imported Leaf. Full Aromatic
- Black Cherry Cavendish select combination, containing real Cherry, Medium Strength. Full Aromatic
- Bob's Best is a Cavendish mixture containing both domestic and imported leaf. It is our # 1 Selling Cavendish because of its great aroma and flavor. Medium Strength. Full Aromatic
- Briar Creek is a traditional Burley mixture containing over 30 different tobaccos.
- Captain Ed is a Cavendish Mixture. It is a smooth aromatic mixture-Nice change. Rich Flavors. Full Aromatic
- Carmella is a smooth Cavendish mixture containing both dark toasted tobaccos and light Virginias. It is a variation of Bob's Best. Medium Strength. Full Aromatic
- Celebration is a Cavendish mixture we developed to celebrate our 20th year in business. It is a long-time favorite-Unique Flavor. Medium Aromatic
- Corinthian: This is our long time favorite all black Cavendish containing Green River Dark Toasted tobaccos. It has full flavor and can be smoked straight or used to sweeten a mixture. Full Aromatic
- Criterion is another all black Cavendish with a unique spicy flavor and aroma. Medium Strength. Medium Aromatic
- Danish Mild is an all Danish Cavendish combination of Brown & Dark Tobaccos. Medium Strength. Full Aromatic
- English Tweed is an English Latakia mixture containing Toasted Cavendish, Virginia and White Burley. Medium to Rich. Medium Aromatic
- Honey is a Burley based Aromatic with a very distinctive flavor and aroma. Medium Strength. Medium Aromatic
- Java was developed for those who enjoy a rather full-bodied mixture which has a sweet flavor and great aroma. Full Aromatic
- Mild Vanilla is an all Golden Virginia with vanilla. Medium flavor. Medium Aromatic
- Mocha is a special Cavendish mixture spiced with real Mocha Coffee Flavor. Light to Medium body. Full Aromatic
- Nuts to You is a Cavendish mixture containing an Almond liqueur flavor. No bite yet light. Medium Aromatic
- Old Briar is an all Burley blend for those who like burley without the bite. Medium to light in flavor. Medium Aromatic
- Peter's Pleasure is named for our good friend Peter Stokkebye who developed this great tasting mixture for our customers at Mission Pipe Shop.It is a Cavendish flavored with pure rum & very mild. Full Aromatic
- Scottish Whiskey is a new blend we added in 1997. This Cavendish mixture is flavored with Scotch Highland Whiskey. Light to medium in body with great flavor and aroma. Medium Aromatic
- Shag is a sweet Golden Cavendish with a hint of toasted Green River Burley.Light to Medium. Full Aromatic
-Sierra is a Danish imported Cavendish. Very light containing a special Mango Flavor. Extra Light. Medium Aromatic

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Address and Phone Number
1205 The Alameda San Jose, CA, 95128

Website: Mission Pipe Shop  Mission Pipe Shop is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, serving North and South Bay customers for 20 years.

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