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Absolute Health and Nutrition

Absolute Health and Nutrition is a nutrition consulting company founded by Amber C. Isenhart, MS, RD. As a registered dietitian, she uses food and supplementation to maximize health and manage medical conditions. She specializes in eating disorders, wellness/disease prevention and weight control.
Address: Sierra Madre, CA, 91024    
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Website: Absolute Health and Nutrition
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Absolute Health and Nutrition is based in Southern California. Amber has been in private practice since 2000 and developed the company in 2004 with the purpose of providing quality, cutting-edge nutritional guidance.
Services include: Nutrition Therapy, 7-Day Detox, Diet Analysis, Customized Meal Plans, Supermarket Tours and Educational Seminars.
As a registered dietitian with over 8 years of experience in nutrition counseling, Amber has extensive knowledge and expertise in translating nutritional science into everyday life. She believes that with the appropriate guidance, all people have the innate ability to overcome challenges and fears related to food and leading a healthy lifestyle. She uses this philosophy in her sessions to help her clients succeed in leading a diet-free way of life. She works with each client as an individual to achieve their personal goals whether it is to overcome an eating disorder, achieve wellness, manage disease or control weight.
Educational Seminars Topics range from Eating Disorder Prevention, Child Nutrition, Nutrition and The Aging Population, Nutrition and Pregnancy, as well as nutrition related to a specific disease state and various wellness topics. Locations can include schools, clinics, health fairs, and others.
Initial assessment is used to gather information about medical history, diet history, lifestyle and current food habits. In this meeting, Amber will discuss the client's concerns and needs and assist in designing a program to achieve personalized goals. 
Amber can help you to:
- Overcome an eating disorder
- Win the weight loss battle...for good
- Makeover your metabolism
- Improve overall wellness
- Fight fatigue
- Enhance your mood
- Eat right while traveling or while working long hours
- Lower your cholesterol and blood pressure
- Reduce your risk factors for chronic disease and cancer
- Use food to manage ADHD symptoms
- Choose foods to increase fertility
- Manage menopausal symptoms
Follow-up visits are designed for continuous support and typically include progress checks, weight or lab monitoring, discussing successes and challenges and goal revision and development.
Nutrition Therapy:
Each counseling session is designed according to the individual's needs. Amber uses a coaching style that allows the client to help guide the way in setting and achieving goals. Studies show that the more the client is involved in the counseling process, the more likely he/she will have long-term success. 
Supermarket Tours Learn what foods to buy and stock in your pantry, what ingredients to avoid and get hands-on education while you shop. Includes a lesson on food label reading, purchasing the right foods for a recipe of your choice and a personalized shopping list for future use.
Diet Analysis This is a comprehensive assessment of the client's diet including vitamin, mineral, carbohydrate, protein and fat excesses and deficiencies.  The goal of this assessment is to fine tune the diet to help facilitate weight loss and prevent or treat disease as well as to meet indivdual nutrition needs and goals.
Meal Plans Together with the registered dietitian, customized weekly meal plans will be designed that take the guess work out of food preparation.  These plans will meet an individual's calorie, carbohydrate, protein, fat and vitamin and mineral needs.

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529 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. Sierra Madre, CA, 91024

Website: Absolute Health and Nutrition  Absolute Health and Nutrition is a nutrition consulting company founded by Amber C. Isenhart, MS, RD.