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Physical Therapies in California

In the Physical Therapies category of the Treatment Centers directory inside the Medicine/Doctors and Clinics catalogue you find a lot of information and resources on physical medicine and rehabilitation beginning with the clinics, medical centers and healthcare professionals offering their services in the state of California, up to the articles on developing, maintaining and restoring maximum movement and functional ability, promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, maximizing movement potential. You can apply to a specialist and get a quality care involving a unique blend of traditions and the latest research and technology in such aspects and spheres as al kinds of physical therapies, braces and splints, cold therapy, electrical stimulation, heat therapy, hydrotherapy, laser, manual therapies, muscle flexibility, muscle strength, padding and strapping, shock wave therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, orthopedic physical therapy, etc. Hot Business Pacific Hospital of Long Beach
Pacific Hospital of Long Beach is a full-service, for-profit, teaching hospital with 184 licensed acute care beds. We are fully accredited and have all the innovative technology that is expected of a medical center but with an important difference. Our environment is small and comfortable. We promise to improve your health and your inner feelings as well. Trust our specialists and enjoy the benefits of medicine. Welcome!

Physical Therapies in California (7)

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 Athletic Training Clinic
 The mission of the Athletic Training Clinic is to alleviate the pain and injury caused by athletic activity or physical motion. Utilizing techniques developed over the last 30 years by Founder/Director Stanley T Nakahara MS/ATC, the Athletic Training Clinic takes a comprehensive approach to healing, combining myofascial release, acupressure, cranial/sacral work, and energy stabilization with traditional methods to help relieve injury pain and muscle dysfunction.  More about Athletic Training Clinic
 Body in Balance Physical Therapy
 At Body in Balance Physical Therapy Land & Water, we provide the highest quality physical therapy, with special emphasis on treating orthopedic and neurological injuries. We strive to make each patient an active participant in their own recovery and to provide them with the knowledge to maintain a healthy, injury-free lifestyle.  More about Body in Balance Physical Therapy
 Easter Seals Disability Services
 Easter Seals has been helping individuals with disabilities and special needs, and their families, live better lives for more than 80 years. Whether helping someone improve physical mobility, return to work or simply gain greater independence for everyday living, Easter Seals offers a variety of services to help people with disabilities address life's challenges and achieve personal goals.  More about Easter Seals Disability Services
 Foot Care One
 Most people suffer from some kind of foot disorder - from athlete`s foot or ingrown nails to bunions, hammertoes, or corns. Tight fitting or high-heeled shoes are often the culprit, but heredity, poor foot care, injuries or medical conditions can also cause problems - take a moment to read about some common foot ailments and treatment options available to patients.  More about Foot Care One
 Healthwell Physical Therapy Group
 Those who suffer from sports injuries, work-related injuries, repetitive stress injuries (RSI), arthritis, osteoporosis, hypermobility syndrome, overuse syndromes, motor vehicle accident injuries, chronic pain or neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons disease, focal limb dystonia or stroke can benefit from the interdisciplinary approach Healthwell uses to treat our patients. .  More about Healthwell Physical Therapy Group
San Francisco
 Holistic Physical Therapy Clinic.
 Holistic Physical Therapy Clinic Offering a Three-Phase Approach to Your Rehabilitation and Physical Well-Being. Providing complete care for all types of chronic pain and musculoskeletal injuries.  More about Holistic Physical Therapy Clinic.
Palo Alto
 The Ionin Health Center
 Acupuncture is a powerful tool to promote your overall health and well-being. At Ionin Health Center, we take a holistic approach to medicine that considers both traditional Chinese medicine and traditional western medicine.  More about The Ionin Health Center
San Jose

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